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Sometimes your system may display error 1330. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    1330 error

    Modeler installation fails with one-time error:Error 1330 Unable to install the file that requires it because the file name of the CAB file has an invalid digital signature …


    Error 1330 The requested file could indeed not be installed because the Cabinet Initiative file name has an invalid computer signature …


    Starting with version 14.2, SPSS Modeler uses products with a certificate issued by IBM for digital signature. Under certain circumstances, I would see a “1330” error when trying to install SPSS Modeler products. You will see this type of message when you try to organize SPSS Modeler products in a tool that does not have the Internet and does not have the correct dataset installed.

    Resolve The Problem

    You can understand this message if you are sure that you are installing SPSS Modeler Products on a computer that is not connected to the Internet and does not have a specific, correct certificate installed.Use the following treatments to fix this problem.

    Note. The Modeler Installation Guides contain information on this topic. Read Troubleshooting Installation; Invalid digital signature during installation. ”

    3. Copy the following certificates including “BEGINNING CERTIFICATE” and “END CERTIFICATE”. The root Certificate Authority (CA) for the Help, in the form of a .cer file (that is, modeler.cer) is the desktop for you.

    6. Follow the instructions in the Certificate Import Wizard using the default versions and click Finish when I say Finish.

    If your certificate is correct, this issue could also be caused by an incorrect value in your Windows registry. Make sure buyers have signed up before using the following solution:

    The “State” property must be set to the hex value “23c00” for both registry keys on a Windows machine:

    After making this change, restart your Windows computer and ideally the installation will continue now.


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  • 1. Download and install Fortect
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • During installation, a Windows Installer message might appear:Error 1330 The required music file could not be installed, only the D: Data1.cab [legal name and file location may be different] CAB file has an invalid digital signature. CanThis indicates that the file is damaged. The returned error 24592 was returned by WinVerifyTrust.

    Reason: Installation,

    while Windows Installer calls WinVerifyTrust to verify that the signed file is valid. By default, Certificate List (CRL) Blocking is checked if you want to check the trustworthiness of a certificate.While the digital signature in your package may be valid, the system generally will not be able to verify the digital signature store in the CAB files in the package. Type = “a”>

      Root certificates have been deprecated on some Windows operating systems. This can happen if improvements in Microsoft Windows are not fully implemented.
    1. The software is usually installed on Windows operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft, such as Windows 2000, which may be Windows SP3 xp orand earlier.
    2. The private recipient is not connected to the Internet. During installation, Windows Installer tries to use the computer to verify an electronic digital signature that contains a digital certification authority (CA).If no electronic connection is available, the recommendation will fail and will cause this error.
    3. Some methods currently running on Windows may have a corrupted Data1.cab digital signature if the setup code snippet was submitted during the setup process.
    4. A Windows issue in Windows XP that prevents the operating system from verifying digital signatures of large design files.Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no patch for Windows XP.


    1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
    2. Run Windows Update on your computer to restore any required updates, including root certificate updates and browser updates. (This should not be done on running Windows operating systems, most of which are no longer supported by Microsoft)
      Thisand the web page has details about the root certificate
    3. If an error occurred while installing from CD / DVD drive, copy our contents from CD / DVD to a fantastic new folder on your computer.Remove this CD / DVD from the drive while trying to open a new folder.
    4. If one of our installation errors occurred during the download. Make sure the installation file can be saved in a folder on your personal computer, for example. Windows Downloads folder.You may not be running the installation directly from the Internet (although the installer might save it in the TEMP folder).

    Note. Andica software is not supported on Windows XP operating system.

    1330 error

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