Repair Technician Considering File System Conversion

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    If you find that a technician is planning to convert a file system error on your PC, you should turn to these troubleshooting methods.




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    a technician is planning to convert a file system

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  • What Are The Two Types Of Custom User Interface Computers? (Choose Two Answers.)

    • CLI
    • PnP
    • graphical interface
    • OpenGL
    • API

      Two types of user interfaces for personal operating systems: CLI GUI and CLI – command line interface. In the CLI, the correct user enters commands for a specific reason using the keyboard. The second type is a graphical interface or graphical user interface. With this type of user interface, the user interacts with their operating system by working with symbols and menus. Mouse, finger and stylus can be used to try to followbehind the graphical interface. PnP is the name of a process that the operating system sometimes assigns to the hardware components of a computer. The other answers are sample applications that are most commonly associated with programming interfaces or APIs.

  • What Are The Two Default Account Types That Windows 10 Provides? (Choose Two Answers.)

    • Guest
    • User
    • Administrator
    • Standard user
    • Standard account

      Windows Ten offers two types of accounts: Administrator i. X. and standard users. Guest can be a built-in user account. The default account is a specific user account managed by the system. User is a group of users.

  • What Time Frame Best Describes The Process Of Breaking A Program Into Smaller Parts, The Idea Can Be Loaded As Needed Into The Operating System?

    • Multithreading …
    • Multiple treatments
    • Multiplayer …
    • Multitasking …

      Stream -it is the controllable part of executing the program internally. Multiprocessing refers to a configuration with more than one processor. Multi-user refers to a system that can support multiple users at the same time. Multitasking is an ideal system that can do multiple tasks at the same time.

  • What Is The Default File System Acquired With A Fresh Install Of Windows 7?

    • NTFS
    • HPFS
    • FAT16
    • FAT32

      Although Windows XP can optionally use FAT or NTFS, Vista and Windows 7 can only be installed on an NTFS partition.

  • The User Is Installing A New Correct Sound Card In The Driver Of The Current Computer That Is Working Correctly. After Installing The Drivers Due To The New Sound Card, The Workstation Does Not Start. What Quick Recovery Can A Device User Use To Return To A Previous Working State?

    • Start when you need a disaster recovery state.
    • Start with the last known confgurations.
    • Boot into the Recovery Console.
    • Boot to start Windows normally.

      Last Known Good Configuration is a copy of the entire last register that is retained on a successful connection. Never log in if your company suspects that the system is unstable, because if logged in successfully, the last known good configuration will be overwritten by the current configuration.

  • What Makes It Unique When You Might Need To Boot Windows 7 From A USB Device, CD, And / Or DVD?

    • disable background services
    • to the andel key
    • to partition a tedious disk in the registry
    • system restore

      Disabling background services, deleting registry keys, and partitioning the hard drive does not require restarting each computer. In some situations, you may need to boot your computer from a USB drive in order to restore your system to normal.

  • Which Function Of The Operating System Allows You To Support Two Additionalprocessor?

    • Multiple treatments
    • Multitasking
    • Multi-user support
    • Multithreading

      Multiprocessing allows the operating system to accommodate two additional processors or processors. This requires the support of two or more users through the multiplayer feature. Multitasking allows you to run multiple applications at the same time. Multithreading allows parts of the same program to be executed concurrently.

  • What Term Is Undoubtedly Used To Describe A Logical Drive That Can Be Formatted To Back Up Data?

    • Volume
    • Subscribe
    • Sector
    • Cluster
    • Section

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    • 1. Download and install Fortect
    • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
    • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Hard drives are made up of many physical and logical structures. Sections are logical parts of a jar storage formatted for data collection. Sections are made up of lanes, market sectors and clusters. The tracks are randomly concentric on the surface of the plate. The rails are divided into sectors, and several zones are logically combinedmoved to method clusters

  • Which Button Allows The User, When Pressed During The Transition Process, To Directly Select To Start Windows In Low-risk Mode?

    • F8
    • F1
    • Esc
    • Windows

      Pressing the F8 key during a specific loading process allows the dietitian to load a custom mode into safe mode.

  • What File System Is Usually Used To Access Files On This Network?

    • NFS
    • NTFS
    • BOLD
    • CDFS

      NFS (Network File System) is for accessing files on other laptops on the network. Windows operating systems support multiple file systems. FAT, NTFS and CDFS are used to link files stored on drives installed via a computer.

  • Which Statement Is The Benefit Of Windows 8 Activation?

    • It supports touch screen interface.
    • It is used for the Aero user interface.
    • It will definitely be updated straight from Windows XP.
    • Typically a 128-bit operating system а.
      a technician is planning to convert a file system

      One of the features with the advent of the Windows 7 operating system was support for a touch interface for use on phones and tablets.

  • What Aspect Of The Architecture Processor Gives Your Current Processor Instant Access To Data?

    • registered
    • Cash
    • RAM
    • CMOS

      Registers may well be storage locations that emanate from the entire processor architecture. They provide a repository for human logical functions performed on data.

  • When Should I Use The PXE Per Minute Option For PC Repair?

    • The ad is hard to see.
    • No mouse or keyboard response. Computer
    • A replacement operating system is required. New
    • Implemented application caused the system to return incorrect results.

      The BIOS Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE, then pronounced Pixie) boot option is considered to be used to install a working device from a remote network location. / div>

  • Which Mantra Accurately Describes A GUID Partition Table?

    • It is actually 512 bytes and provides a bootloader. Impossible
    • it can be used in a multiboot environment.
    • It is widely used in computers with UEFI firmware. East
    • it is not supported by Windows ten Home Edition.

      GUID Partition Table, also called GPT, extends the MBR limits for systems commonly used with UEFI firmware.

  • Which Statement Describes Dynamic Disks On Windows 10 Pro PCs?