FIX: Apache Configuration Error Cannot Check Setpgrp When Cross Compiled

August 24, 2021 By David Serisier Off


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    If you get Apache config error you can check the setpgrp error message while cross compiling, today’s tutorial should help you.



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    Seriously, if you have a reliable unistd et.h libc file on NSLU2, why should you just change the config package in the apr build directory so that the setpgrp check gives the correct answer when you actually do a search?

    apache configure error cannot check setpgrp when cross compiling

    Or create your own duplicate and put it (stripped of theming files) in the cross-development sandbox.
    I think an ebuild will allow a person to do things like I have a family and I just mentioned that.

    Or use QEMU to create a build environment that says it’s really about biceps and walking.

    setpgrp cannot be defined at cross-compilation time

       type checking for arguments for select … int, fd_set *, struct timeval    checking a *
    only setpgrp takes no arguments … configure: error: will not be checked during cross-compilation setpgrp
    3. Search the Internet and tell me what to Unfortunately, this problem arose because of the instruction. Find out if ac_cv_func_setpgrp_void is set. If set, then failing to compile will inevitably lead to errors. There are usually two solutions on your current internet:

    • Comment out each relevant code in the config screen, i.e. This means that the next line is commented out. setpgrp cannot be checked at any time. departure B 1 ;; Â Â However, this line cannot be in netperf2.5. Configure two files, so use a different type related to methods.
    • Since this is the case and check if ac_cv_func_setpgrp_void is set, just put ./configure in front of it, i.e. run the following command often:

    Â Â Â Copy netserver / netperf from the system tray directory to the home directory associated with armboard

    Â Â Â During testing I got this error: netperf: remote error 998, online search showed that remotethe Netserver version is too outdated to find the corresponding bug for the delivery function after the remote control is changed to Netperf version Netperf 2.5.0 for you, the fixes are fixed.

    … …

    Â Â If ../netperf -g UDP_STEAMÂ -H – m 1024. is executed appears error:

    apache configure error cannot check setpgrp when cross compiling

    Â Â Â You may have a plan to break the connection.
    Â Â Â linux error 22 means: Invalid argument “”. Â
    Â Â Â After turning off the firewall, the main problem no longer occurs.

    This embedded Linux development requires cross-acquisition operations in most cases, and errors can often occur.

    ã €€ 1. The following errors are often encountered in configure:

    ã € € ã € € ã € € The general solution is to cache the ac_cv ** variable with the corresponding test in the same config file, for example: for

    2. Another common problem is that a compiler is used to build the target program. Of course, the developed program cannot be Implemented specifically on the host side. Some suggest that automatically compiled programs are called during artwork, an error occurs.

    Solution: Build the correct tool on a specific host platform, copy it as the target version and usually overwrite the program that cannot be run.

    In function `_start ‘::
    undefined reference for “principal”

    is a delicate issue with a web-connected version of the compiler that hasn’t been registered yet! !

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  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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    Apache Konfigurationsfehler Kann Setpgrp Beim Cross Kompilieren Nicht Uberprufen
    크로스 컴파일시 아파치 구성 오류가 Setpgrp를 확인할 수 없습니다
    Apache Konfigurationsfel Kan Inte Kontrollera Setpgrp Vid Korskompilering
    L Erreur De Configuration D Apache Ne Peut Pas Verifier Setpgrp Lors De La Compilation Croisee
    Apache Configure Error No Se Puede Verificar Setpgrp Cuando Se Realiza Una Compilacion Cruzada
    L Errore Di Configurazione Di Apache Non Puo Controllare Setpgrp Durante La Compilazione Incrociata