Best Way To Fix Dell 50c Cartridge Error

September 2, 2021 By Justin Fernando Off


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    In this blog post, we will describe some of the possible causes that can cause the Dell 50c cartridge error and then suggest some possible repair methods that you can try to fix the problem. Dell error code 50c is caused by various cartridge related issues. This primarily indicates a serious cartridge problem that further prevents the printer from operating in standard mode.



    Are you using only two Dell ink cartridges? This error, 50c, is usually caused by refilling cartridges.

    Move the printer away from the wall. Now remove the power supply from the back of the printer. Wait 50 seconds, then plug everything back in. This will reset all error ideas that have printer memory.

    Turn on our own power. Open the printer and take out the Dell Series Black Ink Cartridge and place them on top of each other again. Do the same for the Dell Color Series 2 Cartridge.

    Close the printer normally and an attempt will be made to print a print alignment page. Error messages?

    Dell Ink Cartridges 2 Series have a sensor that simply cannot be reset. Refilling Dell Ink Cartridge Articles

    Dell Ink Cartridges 2 Series are available fromOnly at Staples, Walmart Dell, or the website.

    Black container = black cartridge (left side) matches color side (right side)

    You can repair a Dell Series 2 Ink Cartridge with a defective sensor. I will return them to the city of purchase for a replacement or possibly a refund.

    cartridge error 50c dell

    #MicrosoftMVP – Windows Expert-Consumer April 1, 2012 March to March 31, 2015

    This is still the Dell Users’ Forum. I’m a user, Dell is no different from you.

    Below are my results. I have heard that people have had great success with some generic companies. I’m not going to mention them because when they don’t work, I don’t want anyone in the past to come to me and say that I put $$$ on ink and it’s not your job. …

    In my research, I have found that the consequences of failure at 50 ° C are related to the cartridge, usually during refilling. If this key information cartridge is new, return it to a suitable point of sale for a new or new refund.

    If you unplug the printer nowand unplug the bag for 60 seconds, all printer error messages will be cleared. Then turn on and / or open the printer. Remove and reinsert the Dell Series 2 Black Toner Cartridge. Do the same for the cartridge color. Close the printer and try to print an alignment page.

    Black is the black side of the cartridge (left side) Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Color matches the color of the cartridge (right side)

    cartridge error 50c dell

    Photo = black side of the toner cartridge (left side) Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Color = color side of the toner cartridge (right side)

    Dell Series 2 ink replacement parts have a sensor that in most cases cannot be reset. Always refill Dell cartridges.

    Replacement parts for Dell Series 2 ink are available from Staples, Walmart, or the Dell website.

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    Run Clear Jobs first to clear any text jobs stuck in the queue.

    Unplug my printer.

    Download and run the patch (printer cleaning utility) until you are prompted to log on to the system computer.

    Restart your computer. Make sure the printer is removed.

    Manually uninstalling the printer driver

    Download Vista I would say 32-bit drivers for 32-bit Windows 7 and it could be 64-bit Vista drivers to get 64-bit Windows 7. Install the Vista driver in Vista compatibility mode. You will receive a message that the printer is not connected. The Connect printer is concerned (enabled) this time.

    You can find links to patches / drivers under …

    #MicrosoftMVP – Windows Expert-Consumer from April 1, 2012 on the market until March 31, 2015

    This is the Dell Users Forum. I am a Dell user just like you.

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    so I got a 50c error. opened the printer, checking the cartridges and they were probably in the wrong position for us to pull them out, see them one by one – they were the only way Take it apart. I was a bit lazy, because usually the camera positions the cartridges in the middle when you open the subtext. So I suspect there is something wrong with the internal mechanisms.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • I checked all cables are correct, restarted the machine, turned the printer off and on again. It was

    I read on these forums that sometimes this printer doesn’t like other brands of ink cartridges … The black, ink cartridge is very staple resistant and worked perfectly a few days ago, so my family and I had no idea that there was.

    We appreciate every lesson. Feel free to take advantage of your technical answers, I learned this from working with a computer … but obviously all our knowledge is missing from printers. 🙂



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