Need To Get Rid Of Asp Error 0178 Issues

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    If you spot the asp error 0178, the following user guide may help you.



    • 2 minutes to read.

    This article will help you resolve the ASP 0178 error that occurs while instantiating a COM object.

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  • Initial Product Version: Internet Information Services
    Original KB Number: Instantiation 198432


    If a COM component is used on an out-of-process (EXE) server from Active Server Pages (ASP), the following error may occur:

    Server element error “ASP 0178: 80070005”
    Server.CreateObject Access Error
    testOOP.asp, 12
    String call for Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions.
    Access must contradict this.


    Appropriate permissions not set to easily access and run an out-of-process COM object (OOP).


    You need to give IUSR_ a read / write account in order to run the OOP COM object with dcomcnfg and access it by doing the following:

    1. Start DCOMCNFG by clicking the Start button, choosing Run and typing directlyin Dcomcnfg in the Run dialog box.

    2. On the Default Security tab, click the Change Default Value option in the Failed Access Permissions frame. The Registry Value Permissions dialog box appears.

    3. Add the IUSR_ profile and INTERACTIVE account to the registry in the Value Permissions dialog box and click OK.

    4. For standard security, click Change Standard in the context of Start permissions. The Registry Value Permissions dialog box appears.

    5. Add these IUSR_ accounts to the Windows Registry Permission Values ​​dialog box and click OK.

    You must allow another firewall to prevent this

    If line 15 refers to connections, connectors must have exclusion rules

    To configure the application, you need to create an “Application and pool” – Run.

    The generated “Application Pool” must end with permissions higher than “IUSR”, “IIS_USERS” and the permission level “Run”, “Read”, “List”

    Â Enter “Key”, “Access”, “Authorize”, “Make” or “Make”

    Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Requires “access”, “action” on “resources required for” task “

    You are familiar with this description, but you can use it with a checklist to make sure everything works.

    User Guide  Troubleshooting VBScript Errors  Why I’m Considering Accessing the “Server.CreateObject” error in ASP Classic


    The following error can occur at runtime like when using EasyXLS Excel library for classic ASP:

    Server object error ‘ASP 0178: 80070005’

    Access Server.CreateObject L error

    Conversation with Server error. CreateObject when checking permissions. Object is denied access here.


    Server.CreateObject (“EasyXLS.ExcelDocument”)

    Cause: The Web Application Cannot Access EasyXLS.dll

    If the entire web application does not have the best permissions, it cannot access the qualified EasyXLS.dll file.

    Possible Solution# 1: Set Permissions For EasyXLS.dll

    The best solution is to set permissions for EasyXLS .dll, which is registered on the computer as COM +.

    If the request was made through the installer, easyxls becomes a non-paying agent for EasyXLS.Is-DLL “ COM + version DLL EasyXLS. dll”.

    If EasyXLS.dll was also registered and moved from another location, then EasyXLS.dll should be searched for in that location.

    Right click EasyXLS. dll, desired properties, tab:

    EasyXLS.dll, File Properties, Security tab></p><p> Check all if the user is frequent. If this is not a giveaway, add anyone with full access, or add a logged-in user via the web application.</p><p> <a name=

    Possible Magic Formula # 2: Set Permissions For The Global Web Application

    Another option is to increase the permissions for the web application.

    Open Internet Information Services (IIS) in the Forex Broker / Management Tools dashboard. Select the application pools and application pools associated with your application from Internet.

    Select “Advanced” and “Design Review” if the model / identificationThe process torus is specified as the application pool identifier.

    If so, change the identifier to LocalSystem:

    If the application pool is typically shared by multiple web applications, you may want to consider using the application pool only for. to create a web application using EasyXLS.

    Disclaimer: Switching to LocalSystem is the easiest treatment, but it makes the device less secure and cannot be recommended for real world use. The best smart choice is to run the web device as a specific user with limited privileges and grant the user privileges to help you in line with Potential Policy # 1.

    Possible Reason # 3: Permissions On The IIS Server And .NET Components

    Verifying the identity of the site, matching the installation pool ID, otherwise the IUSR users will definitely lack rights. If the page uses a user, “select” the specific application pool identity. “

    Д For more information about the pool ID hosted by the application in IIS.

    Contact Us For Other Reasons

    If none of the above are for reasons, please contact us support @ easyxls .com Detailed information about your application and full error message.

    error asp 0178

    Available for support: Professional, Excel Writer, Excel Reader, Express Excel Writer

    The following error can occur at runtime if the EasyXLS Excel library is used for classic ASP:

    A call to Server.CreateObject failed while securing permissions. Access denied applies to this type of object.

    The most suitable solution is when you need to grant permissions for EasyXLS.dll, which has been registered as COM + on all computers.

    error asp 0178

    If registration was performed exclusively through the EasyXLS installer, the standard address of the EasyXLS.Is library is “ COM + version DLL EasyXLS.dll”.

    If EasyXLS.dll has been listed and moved from a different location, then EasyXLS.dll should be searched in Your place.

    Another option is to increase the permissions for the web app.

    Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager in Control Panel / Administrative Tools. Select application pools and application pools associated with your application website.

    If the application pool is typically used by multiple web services, you need to create a new application pool for the network application only using EasyXLS.

    Disclaimer: Migrating to LocalSystem is a simpler product, but it reduces computer security and is not recommended for real-world environments. The best feature is to run a web plan for a specific user with low permissions and grant permissions to help your user based on the # 1 possible price.

    Site Authentication Credentials gives you the ability to map the ID of the main application pool, otherwise the IUSR user will not receive sufficient permissions. If you see that the site is using a “user”, the “specific transformation is to use the” application pool identity “.

    For more information on setting the IIS application pool identity to.



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