What Is Kernel-Disable-Grsec And How To Fix It?

May 9, 2022 By Justin Fernando Off

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    In this article, we will identify some possible causes that might cause the grsec kernel to be disabled, and then I will provide possible fix methods that you can try to solve this problem. There are two options: run pmbootstrap with a regular kernel, disable some specific grsec functionality with sysctl, and run pmbootstrap (you’ll probably run into other issues that haven’t been fixed – the quick fix does use a long-term kernel).

    As of 2017-05, new releases related to grsecurity are no longer public, so it no longer appears in Debian either. Official Debian packages for grsecurity were available: linux-patch-grsecurity2: *extremely obsolete*, only patches needed for self-imaging.

    About Grsecurity

    The grsecurity project, hosted at http://grsecurity on.net, promises various fixes to the Linux kernel that improve the security of the entire system. This chapter discusses various features related to grsecurity; A complete list is attached on the grsecurity features page itself.

    Disable Some Grsec Features While Running Pmbootstrap

    Grsec is the name of a particular set of fixes that has been widely available to harden the Linux kernel. For example, older versions of Alpine ran a very secure Linux kernel. a fork of this patchset. If you’re running a kernel based on this patchset on your Linux system, you’re likely to have problems with pmbootstrap because it seriously does some things inside the chroot that are blocked by default in many patchsets. An example is the read/write options file pmbootstrap#107}.


    The kernel is the kernel that connects to the operating system and is very vulnerable to attacks. As Brad Spengler once said, you might thinkuh what is this a whole bunch of vulnerable setuid roots in system binaries. So it’s very, very important that the core be as consolidated as possible.

    Findings. With a hardened grsecurity core and good security settings, common tasks like compilation are 30-40% slower, disk usage remains the same, and the overhead should be more significant.

    While grsecurity uses various protection strategies to stop even unknown issues (0 days) – extra checks, layout related randomization (larger than regular kernel), memory before writing. Offer RBAC protection similar to SE Linux (TODO: Comparison). Actually eit needs to be configured in user space to have any effect.

    Kernel Security

    Okay, some of the core features described above are actually new security enhancements that need to be implemented from scratch and should probably be implemented in the first section (not because applicants are ready to be sent upstream).

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    Yadro Otklyuchit Grsec
    Kernel Desabilita Grsec
    Kernel Uitschakelen Grsec
    Kernel Deaktivieren Grsec
    커널 비활성화 Grsec
    Noyau Desactiver Grsec
    Nucleo Deshabilitar Grsec
    Karnan Inaktivera Grsec
    Jadro Wylacza Grsec
    Kernel Disabilita Grsec