Tips To Fix Open Outlook 2007 Pst In Outlook 2003

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    If you see an Outlook 2007 pst error message in Outlook 2003 on your computer, you should check out these fix tips.



    • 23 minutes to read.
    • Applies to:
      Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003


    This article explains how to use Personal Store versions, also called PST files, to back up data in Outlook. Microsoft 2010, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook ’03 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2002 You can save messages, contacts, work, appointments, notes and recordingand log in PST files.

    open outlook 2007 pst in outlook 2003

    Microsoft Outlook automatically saves promotions, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and saves the entries in one of two locations:

    • In the personal storage directory, also known as a PST request, on your computer.
    • It resides in a mailbox on the server. Your mailbox is on a computer on the Internet if you are using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server.

    You can use a copy of your PST file to fix or move Outlook data if you encounter a hardware failure, data melts unexpectedly, data needs to be transferred from one computer to another laptop, or if data needs to be transferred. Transfer everything from the hard drive to the second hard drive.

    Manage Your PST File Linked To The File

    How To Find The PST File

    If someone doesn’t know where an old or existing .pst file is located on their computer, or if you want to add a .pst file to our .Outlook profile, follow these steps:

    1. To find the ..pst files:
      • Windows 10 or Windows 7: Select the Enter here icon to search the notification area.
      • Windows 2000 For Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition: Click Start, point to Find, and then select By File Folder or.
      • Windows Vista: Select Enter, then Computer. Search box in the upper right corner.
      • Windows XP: start, select, then “Search”.
      • Windows 95 or Windows 98: start, find the point you want to find, then select files or folders.
    2. Type * .pst and just hit Enter or select Find Now. Find the PST file you want to add to Outlook. Notice where you see the PST file.
    3. Close the search box and start Outlook.
      • If you are using Outlook this year, select the File tab and, in this case, Account Settings under Category Information. Select Account, Settings again, but also check the Data files box in the window that appears. You
      • If Outlook 2007 or later is running, choose the File menu, but choose Manage Data Files.
    4. Click the Add button and then select a type of workaround for .File pst if you need to add:
      • If the .pst file was created in Outlook 2007, select PersonalOffice Outlook folders ”(PST file).
      • If your .pst file was created in an earlier version of Outlook, such as 97, Viewpoint 2000, or XP, select Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst).
    5. Find the specified PST file that you found in your search. Select .pst lodge, then click OK.
    6. Enter a .a. custom name for the .pst file. Also leave the default name. Select OK. Select “Close” to actively exit one of our windows.

    Outlook now specifies that the .pst will run in the Outlook folder list.

    How To Back Up This PST File

    If you don’t try Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook will save all of its data to a PST file. You can use my backup to recover Outlook data if the original PST list is damaged or lost. This section explains how to create a clone of your entire PST file that includes all the standard items in most files.To rewind the entire PST file, follow these steps:

    1. Close all email programs such as Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft Messaging Windows.

    2. Click Start and then select Run.Type control in the Open box and press Enter to open the control panel.


      When the rating selection screen appears, click User Accounts to proceed to step 3.

    3. Double-click the icon for a specific letter.

    4. Select Show Profiles.

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    Select the appropriate profile, then select Properties.

  • Select data files.

  • Under Name, select the Personal Folder service that you want to back up again. By default, this service is usually referred to as personal folders. However, perhaps this could mean something else.


    • If you also have multiple personal folder services in your profile, you will need to configure each set of .pst folders separately.
    • If there are no entries called personal folders, and you probably still have some information such as messages, contacts, or appointments saved in Outlook, you probably haven’t activated the personal files service yet. Go to the “Links” section for more information on cPST file creation.
    • If your profile does not have personal folder services and you can store information such as messages, interests, or appointments in Outlook, your files are probably stored in a huge mailbox on the Exchange server. Try following the instructions in the new on how to save the PST file information. which is located on the Microsoft Exchange partition server .
  • Select “Preferences” and you will see the path to the note and the subject of the file.


    Because the .pst file contains all of the data stored in the MAPI folders used by Outlook, the file can be very large. To reduce the size of this PST file, select the Compress Now option in the Preferences window.

  • Close all property windows.

  • open outlook 2007 pst in outlook 2003

    Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, copy the file that you noticed in step 8. You can copy the file to another location on your hard drive or to any removable media such as a weak hard drive, CD-ROM , a sophisticated portable hard drive, player, magnetic videotape or other storage device.

    How To Back Up Data From A .pst File To A Microsoft Exchange Server

    If you are using Outlook with a new Microsoft Exchange Server, you need to know where the data is in order to back it up. The default delivery and storage location for Outlook data is the Exchange Server mailbox. An Exchange Server administrator typically backs up mailboxes on the server. However, some Exchange Server administrators save Outlook data as a .pst file on your computer.

    Keep track of why these steps turned to Fi



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    Make sure the corresponding Outlook 2003 or 2007 files are exported in PST format to Outlook 97-2002.On the menu bar at the top, under File, select the Import for Export option.Select the “Import using another program or file” option by clicking the “Next” button.

    After adding the POP3 account, selectTools-> Account Settings …In data files, keep an eye out for Add …Confirm the New Outlook Data File dialog box.Navigate to the location of the recovered PST file.Choose and raise awareness.Confirm the Personal Folders dialog box, or also change the Name field.

    Select File> Open & Export> Open Outlook Data File. Note. Depending on how Outlook is configured, this is probably the directory where the file is located.Select the Outlook Data File (.pst file), and then click Open.As soon as you open an Outlook data file (.pst), the report will appear in your file inbox.




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