Steps To Troubleshoot Invalid Cardholder Authentication Issues With

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In the past few days, some of our users have encountered an error code indicating that the cardholder authentication value is not valid on This problem can arise for several reasons. Let’s discuss them below.

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    I’ve always worked on the Authorize.Net AIM segment on ZenCart. We recently added Cardinal For commerce 3DSecure. The run is already complete and is adding many x_authentication_indicator and hence x_cardholder_authentication_value to the Authorize.Net request. But the answer can be bought with Code 3 and Sub 117

    the cardholder authentication value is invalid

    I tried using url for x_cardholder_authentication_value but still no luck

    Response code: 3. Response text: The cardholder authentication value is probably not valid.

      Submit   in Authorizenet: array    (        [x_login] ****** => [x_tran_key] ******* => [x_relay_response] => FALSE        [x_delim_data] => TRUE        [x_delim_char] => |        [x_encap_char] => *        [x_version] => 3.1        [x_type] => AUTH_CAPTURE        [x_method] => CC        [x_Amount] => 79.99        [x_currency_code] => USD        [x_card_num] => XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0002        [x_exp_date] => 0120        [x_card_code] => ****        [x_email_customer] => TRUE        [x_email_merchant] => TRUE        [x_cust_id] => 25014        [x_invoice_num] => TEST-33280        [x_first_name] => Ashit        [x_last_name] => Biswas        [x_company] => test company        [x_address] => Test address1        [x_ville] => Miami        [x_state] => Idaho        [x_zip] => 33076        [x_country] => USA        [x_phone] => 5127965880        [x_email] => [email protected]        [x_ship_to_first_name] => Ashit        [x_ship_to_last_name] => Biswas        [x_ship_to_company] => Test company        [x_ship_to_address] => Test address1        [x_ship_to_city] => Miami        [x_ship_to_state] => Idaho        [x_ship_to_zip] => 33076        [x_ship_to_country] => USA        [x_ship_to_phone] => 5127965880        [x_description] => Orange Baby Breath Filler        [x_recurring_billing] => NO        [x_authentication_indicator] 05 => [x_cardholder_authentication_value] => AAABAWFlmQAAAABjRWWZEEFgFz + =        [x_customer_ip] =>        [x_po_num] => 21.12.2018 11:50:48        [x_freight] => 0.00        [x_tax_exempt] => FALSE        [x_steuer] => 0.00        [x_devoir] => 0        [Date] => December 21, 2018 11:50 am        [IP] => X.X.X.X        [Session] => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        [url] =>    ) must accept the full cardholder authentication value, and if the initial verification succeeds, the cardholder auto-authentication code will be 2


    requested December 21, 2018 7:47 PM

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    CODE: 117

    EXPLANATION: The cardholder authentication value is invalid.

    INTEGRATION PROPOSALS: First make sure the trading processora has authentication values ​​via Verified Visa and Mastercard SecureCode via Authorize.Net.

    • Hunt for Payments
    • FDMS Nashville (formerly FDC)
    • International Payments (GPS)
    • TSYS (formerly Vital)
    • Wells Fargo (only verified with Visa)

    This error can also occur if the authentication value of the credit card holder contains some really fancy character. To allow this sentence, the special character must be URL encoded.

    OTHER OFFERS. This code is only valid for merchants who submit a transaction request contained in cardholderAuthenticationValue. The CAVV for a Visa transaction or AVV / UCAF for a Mastercard transaction is invalid or contains an invalid character.

    You may find that Cardinal Commerce is not on this list. Having said that, you probably won’t be able to get 3DSecure through Authorize.Net.

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    De Authenticatiewaarde Van De Kaarthouder Is Ongeldig Authorize Net
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