How To Fix Vista Com Errors Easily

August 22, 2021 By Mohammed Butcher Off


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    If you receive a replacement vista error com error message, this article is here to help you. The “COM Surrogate Completed” error usually appears when viewing video and image thumbnail folders. The error usually occurs due to codecs (software that processes especially video files) that are not suitable for Windows Vista. The most common culprits are DivX and Nero.



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    If I get the error COM Surrogate has stopped working, if you’ve ever browsed folders with video or media files, you are in the right place with possible technology. This problem is caused by the fact that some versions of DivX or Nero are associated with codecs and other COM components connected by various software that is not fully compatible like Vista.

    There are several possible solutions to this problem, and the correct solution depends a lot on the software that is actually causing the particular problem. Some of the known problem programs are DivX and Nero, but there are others that are causing the problem.

    • If the person uses DivX, you need to go to o An informative version (6.5+)
    • If you are using Nero you can try updating to the latest version (
    • If you have updated Nero and Divx and the problem usually persists, you can try renaming the C: Program Files Common Files Ahead DSFilter file to tank. You may also need to rename to NeVideoHD.bak.
      However, this will interrupt the Nero streaming time. (Thanks to dugi in the comments for this)
    • You can turn off thumbnails, which should really fix the problem, but this is not the best solution.
    • The experienced ffdshow codec package is known to cause some problems. The ffdshow Tryouts codec package seems more attractive. Maybe try this tip:
    • If you want to completely uninstall Nero, there is a resource to help you complete a complete uninstall.
    • Some users have recommended installing the Vista Codec Pack to update all codecs to the correct versions. I can’t confirm that it works as I haven’t used it myself. As always, be careful when installing unknowncomponents and create a restore point.
    • You can use Nirsoft’s very useful MMCompView uninstall utility to disable all codecs on the system. This has been found to be very useful for briefly troubleshooting the component causing a specific issue.
    • Below is another possible solution for disabling DEP for dllhost, which may not work for everyone. You need to add divx + nero executables that ignore the dep.McC list

    Alan signed up for this hotfix, which could potentially fix the issue in a much simpler way. Basically, disabling DEP on dllhost (COM replacement) might fix this problem for some people. This solution is described below.

    vista error com surrogate

    Click on “Advanced System Settings” then in “Advanced Settings”

    Select the specific Data Execution Protection tab and in this case, click Activate DEP for all schemas and services except the ones I have selected

    An annoying new “bug” in Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) is the error “COM replacement has stopped working”. This happens whenever you view a folder with a mu Media files such as mp3, avi or other people. Many people attribute this to the presence of all Vista-incompatible codecs installed on the computer in question. There are several ways to fix this error. This is where some of the more popular methods come in.

    1. Update the appropriate DivX codec to the latest version
    2. Update Nero (or uninstall) to the latest version
    3. Disable thumbnail preview < / li>

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  • But the best (and least annoying) solution I think in this case is to remove the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature at the time of the culprit, dllhost.exe. Here are the simple steps a person must follow to achieve this.

    • Right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    • Click Advanced System Settings.
    • Select the Advanced tab, then Options in the Performance section.
    • Select DEP.
    • Select Enable DEP for any other programs and services that I choose.
    • Click Add
    • Navigate Window -> System32 Directory
    • Selectdllhost .exe and click Open.
    • Click OK when Windows warns you.
    • Click OK twice and you’re done.
    • You may need to restart your system if Windows asks for the changes to take effect. I didn’t have to.



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    The COM surrogate causes operational problems mainly due to the wrong video driver on your Windows computer. You can fix this by resetting your current video driver. See how: 1) On your keyboard, hold this Windows logo key, then press R to open the Run package.

    An error resulting from the discrepancy between certain information that the researcher is looking for and the information is necessaryth to solve the problem.

    Method 1. Go back to your previous graphics card driver.Method 2. Add the dllhost.exe file to the DEP exception.Method 3: re-register the DLLs.Method 7: check your hard drive for errors.Method 5: update your codecs.Method 6: reset Internet Explorer.




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