Help Fix Windows Update And Windows 7 Starter Errors

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    This user guide will guide you when you see Windows Update and Windows 7 Starter.



    Updated March 2021 (patch 1 download link for Service Pack 1)
    Updated July 2021 (added mention of PrintNightmare as Microsoft has patched it for Windows 7)

    It is highly recommended that you update Windows to protect yourself from the WannaCry, WannaCrypt, Specter, Meltdown, PrintNightmare and Uiwix threats from Windows 7.


    Standard support for Windows 7 may have ended a few months ago, but extended support isIt started in January 2020. However, corporate patients will definitely continue to receive more security updates through 2023.

    Hoping to enter the market to simplify the update process for each type of reinstallation, Microsoft released a Convenience Rollup in May 2016 that encapsulates many of the Windows 7 updates that are commonly used after Service Pack 1. Comes. While the update rollup contains a large number of updates for the cellular network, a large number of others are not included, and these additional updates may now take some time to learn and install through Windows Update. Microsoft notes that it was done for this purpose:

    We did not intentionally perform any post-SP1 updates in cumulative update 3125574, so the following conditions are usually met:

    • They are not widely used.
    • You are making changes to an activity.
    • They also require user action, such as adjusting registry settings.

    One of the biggest issues users face with Convenience Rollup is when Windows Update gets stuck on “Check for Updates” and the schedule repeats over and over again with no real progress.

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  • Paul Thurrott published an article in 2016 titled “Convenience Rollup has one big difference, but Windows 7 updates still don’t work.” He followed the updated article and wrote that shortly after a two-hour wait, Windows Update finally offered to install many more updates.

    Now I would like to share some other solutions on what to do when Windows Update freezes or checks for updates in Windows 7.

    Windows 7 Instructions

    If you want to upgrade from Windows 7 Starter, you can use the Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) application. Just open that Start menu, type Anytime, and click the WAU link in the document. From the Windows Anytime Upgrade Windshield, follow the links to browse the Internet and purchase the upgrade.

    Before proceeding with the upgrade, make sure that you have 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Windows and that Service Pack 1 (SP1) is also installed.

    1. Open the system by currently clicking the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then simply clicking Properties.
    2. In the “System” section, the user can view the system type. Additionally, the Windows release notes tell you if Service Pack 1 is actually installed.

    It is also recommended that you temporarily change your power settings so that your computer does not go to sleep during the update process.

    windows update en windows 7 starter

    If Windows 7 is not updated to the new installed state, it is highly recommended that you back up your data before proceeding.

    Update New Installation

    1. Start with a high quality installation of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with the network drivers (sp1) installed. During installation, select “Ask me later” when prompted to select update options.
      windows update en windows 7 starter

      • If you did not select Ask me later as the update option during installation, change your update settings via Start> Windows Update> Change Settings> and select Never check for updates (do not recommended). “Then restart your computer.
      • Indeed, if your Windows 7 installation is seriously missing Service Pack 1,Windows 7 Service Pack 1 must be installed first.
    2. To install the current update rollup, you must first install the required hotfix. Download the installation and prerequisites of KB3020369 known as “Repair April 2015 Stack Update for Windows 7”. (alternative web link for KB3020369 files)
    3. Restart your computer even if you are not prompted to do so.
    4. Download and install the appropriate version of KB3125574 known as Convenience the Rollup.
      • Option 1. Direct download links
        • x64 (64 bit)
        • x86 (32 bit)
      • Option 2: I would suggest using the Microsoft Update Catalog (try another correct browser if you have any problems).
    5. Restart your computer, even if not recommended.
    6. Download the appropriate version of KB3138612 and install it as “Windows Update Client Suitable for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 2016” (alternative link to KB3138612 files)
    7. Restart your computer if you are not prompted to do so.
    8. Download and install the sooThe corresponding version of KB3145739 is known as Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-039 – Security Update for Microsoft Graphics Component (3148522) (alternative link to KB3145739 files)
    9. Restart your computer if you are not prompted to do so.
    10. Download and install the appropriate version created with KB3172605, known as the July 2016 Cumulative Update for Windows 9 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. (alternative link to PC KB3172605)
    11. Restart your computer even if you are not prompted to do so.
    12. Due to typical Microsoft requirements in March 2018, And Specter Meltdown Antivirus compatibility check is required to get the latest versions. Incompatible antivirus solutions are known if you want to cause interrupt errors (blue screen errors). Make sure you have the latest version of your antivirus software, if you have one. If you haven’t installed antivirus software, install Microsoft Security Essentials or follow Microsoft’s basic guidelines toinstall antivirus software for registry keys.
    13. Install the “March 12, 2019 Heap Servicing Update (SSU)” KB4490628
    14. Install the “SHA-2 Code Signing Update for Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, and Windows Server 09: September 23, 2019” KB4474419
    15. Install the “Dec 10, 2019 Battery Recovery Update (SSU)” KB4531786
    16. Install some of the latest cumulative updates dated December 10, 2019, released before Windows 2011 Energy Tax Credit support ends. Remember to restart your laptop after installation, even if you are not prompted to do so. Download KB4530734
    17. Go to Start> Windows Update> Change Settings and> also set Use Recommended Settings or Install Only Very Important Updates in the Update Environments window.

    Important! At this point, you should actually be able to run Windows Update normally. However, it has been shown that Windows Update sometimes still offers Packing Service 1 (SP1) as an update even if you are already using Packing Service 1, then right-click the update and select Hide. >

    Cumulative updates and other latest updates are available monthly to Microsoft customers who are licensed for extended security updates. However, if you don’t have licenses, you probably won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 7. You should plan on redesigning Windows 10 or moving from modern Linux to a distro, especially the security of your PC.

    What To Do If Problems Occur After Trying The Above Method

    While the above measures keep Windows up to date for most users, problems can still occur. If you tried to offer Windows Update before applying the update rollup, an older version of Windows Agent Update might cause additional issues during the update process that need to be resolved. In some cases, this means a radical reset of Windows Update.

    1. Be sure to close the Windows Update window.
    2. Stop the Update Center service я Windows
      1. Run Command Prompt as administrator (Start> All Programs> Accessories> right-click Command Prompt> select Run as Administrator)
      2. Enter the following command: net stop wuauserv

        • Note. If the whole command fails, try it again.
    3. Run the Microsoft FixIt tool to fix Windows problems.
    4. Make sure you have installed the latest version of Windows Update Agent.
      • Make sure you find the correct version for your system and system type.
    5. Restart your computer.
    6. Run Windows Update again
      • This may take several more hours.

    This should preferably solve most publishing problems on Windows 7. However, Microsoft has written several methods to fix Windows Update errors. If your website is still having issues with Windows 7 updates after you’ve exhausted these options, you can contact Microsoft TechNet to resolve your specific issue. As an alternativeit might be worth upgrading to Windows 10. While there have been reports of frequent updates to Windows 10, there have been far fewer reports of issues with Windows Update that could not be updated quickly.

    We hope this guide helps everyone keep their Windows 7 installation up to date so that your Pluggable Services will continue to work!

    Note. These instructions are updated at some point with portions of a Reddit post from user “good1dave”. Please see the Reddit thread and vote for this guy.



    Download this software and fix your PC in minutes.

    Yes, you can upgrade to Windows 10 using Windows Starter.

    Windows 7 Starter is truly a simplified version of Windows 7. Aero Glass, which means you canYou only use “Windows Basic” or other reliable constructs. It also means that you won’t get the taskbar preview or Aero Peek. Personalization functions to change the PC background, window color or sound programs.




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