What Are The Causes Of The Yp-s3 Video Codec And How To Fix It?

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    Sometimes your computer may display an error code pointing to the yp-s3 video codec. There can be many reasons for this problem.




    Samsung YP-S3 (or simply Samsung S3 [quote needed] ) is an MP3 player designed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics in 2008.

    File Support

    Samsung YP-S3 can record WMA, mp3, MPEG4, Ogg, SVI, JPEG and TXT.


    • FM Radio
    • Record FM Radio
    • DNSe 2.0 Sound Engine
    • Image Viewer
    • Text ad
    • Video player
    • Games
    • Pod id = “Tools_casting

    Tools 26_other_features “>

    • Alarm clock
    • Album cover
    • Context
    • Screensaver
    • hours

    File 26_storage”>

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  • Samsung S3 MP3 files are managed by albums, audio files, artists, and genres. Favorite list is an option.


    yp-s3 video codec

    S3 apps are music, video, basic settings, package, data transfer, FM radio, pictures and other file browser.

    Storage Space

    Samsung YP-S3 contains 2 GB, 4 GB, or 8 GB of corresponding storage space.

    Battery Life

    Samsung announces 25 hours of music playback and (MP3 files with 128 Kbps and volume 15/30) and 4 hours of media player playback.

    See Also

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    External Links

    • Samsung USA


    The Samsung YP-S3 is a slim, sleek portable audio / video player with touchscreen that costs $ 100 per cc. First small article from SPCR.

    Portable MP3 players have been around for a little over a decade because they are so ubiquitous today that it’s hard to find anyone, beginner or old, who doesn’t have one. With the Sony Walkman cassette player, the digital media enthusiast took a hugely important place in consumer electronics 10 years ago. Launched in 2001, the first high-income iPod seemed to be arguably the most important step in Apple’s journey over the past decade in terms of cost and profitability. This market is dominated by the appeal of the iPod, but our selection is overwhelming. Almost all brands and consumer electronics products offer computers and media players from different manufacturers with different prices and configurationsfunctions.

    The huge institution Samsung is one of the many Korean companies on the market offering several lines of players. The S3 is usually not the smallest, but probably a limited edition that offers video playback capability with a 220 1.8 ³ 176 x
    LCD screen. It is the same size and shape as the Apple iPod Nano, which is also similar in functionality, but with a higher resolution of 2–320 x 240, letting you know. The market price of the Nano is about $ 30-60 higher, which gives the YP-S3 a huge advantage.


    It looks like there will be an earlier Samsung model, the YP-K3. It has a 7-button navigation menu with display that changes in response to orders from the product list. The main options in the Music menu are Videos, Pictures, FM Radio, Data Streams, Prime Pack, File Browser, and Settings. As with other MP3 players, you scroll through menus to find specific types of tracks or files. The Datacasts podcast hits and audiobooks and the Prime Pack section contain games, phone calls, alarms, and player group explanations. The settings allow you to change the style of the menu, customSet the sound equalizer and customize the display of the standby cooking timer and screen saver, as well as other systems. The menu system does not follow the intuitive standard iPod wheel menu, but is clear enough to function after a short period of familiarization. There is an annoying lag on a regular basis when a button is pressed after an emotion, maybe the perfect half second or so, which can slow down the viewing experience. Menu controls can be easily locked to avoid unnecessary distractions, which is helpful given the nature of the non-touchscreen control panel.

    The player’s audio files can be accessed by artist, album, song, music style, playlists, recorded files (from FM radio), or music browser (all files are displayed in alphanumeric strings). There are also shuffle and direct play modes. Hiburan files are supported in MP3, WMA (including Lossless) and OGG formats, but this is not that important, well enough given the many utilities for converting audio files that They laugh in large quantities. Of course, audio files are not saved specifically for the iPod. The sound quality of the currently offered headphones is decent, with enough resolution and bass to be heard, but somehow it improves dramatically with better quality headphones available like the SE-210 Shure, Bose headphones. QuietComfort 3, possibly Grado SR60i -Headphones. With the best headphones, the sound quality is good enough for any iPhone, and the equalizer can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.

    As expected, the photo viewer often ran on the giant 1.8-inch LCD screen, as did the event videos. Video whose files need to be downloaded using Samsung Emodio software after converting to SVI component. It’s hard to imagine many people watching anything other than short clips on this tiny screen, which isn’t easy but looks cool given the use of certain gadgets in big metro stations. Cities and prices, there are always exceptions.

    Emodio software manages multimedia files on a laptopere and syncs them with the YP-S3. It also allows you to update the player’s firmware, which is accomplished by downloading a Samsung computer update file and then uploading it to the root directory of the game player, which is updated when the PC is turned on. Disconnecting from PC and turning on / p>

    FM radio is easy to operate, with multiple tuning options and presets. FM recording is also straightforward, but the recording quality can also be adjusted using the compression level. Overall FM sound quality is very good and depends more on settings and source material than on the main unit, although reception may change if you move around, which is convenient with the radio.


    Playback on a fully charged battery corresponds to 100 hours of music and an additional 8 hours of video, but these numbers seem to be exaggerated. No official testing has been conducted, but it is doubtful that over 50% of the music playback time was achieved in the past several weeks of testing.

    yp-s3 video codec

    Thus, Samsung YP-S3 is a chic and functional advertising and marqueA marketing player offering good performance and many useful features for several hundred dollars. It is neither the highest usability nor the highest usability that is almost universal (limited support for file types, only real-time audio recording function), but in terms of intermittent use of this product, it could probably be described as attractive , a price-competitive balance sheet.

    integrated Color

    < td> No

    < td> Yes

    rowspan = “1” scope = “row” > Type Product Type Flash MP3 Player
    rowspan = “9” scope = “row”> Physical Storage Type Flash
    Storage Capacity 8GB
    Screen Size 1.8â € ³
    Display Type TFT-LCD
    Screen Resolution QCIF (176 x 220)
    Built-in Speaker


    Slot d ‘SD-MMC extension No

    White, Black, Red, Green, Blue
    Features FM Radio Yes
    Image View Yes
    Text display Yes
    Online registration
    Voice Re Kabel No
    Video Viewer
    Game Mode Yes
    Bluetooth No
    Podcasting Yes
    Time Battery life (audio) 50 hours
    Battery life (video) 8 hours
    Music storage capacity (@ 128 kbps
    Up to 2000 songs
    packaging dimensions L return button H x T 1.73-3 c 3.74 x 0.3



    Download this software and fix your PC in minutes.




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