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Having Problems With Slideshows In Windows 7?

March 19, 2022 By David Serisier Off

You may see a “slideshow in Windows 7″ error message. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will return to this shortly. When you’re in your image library or custom folder, click on the shared slideshow button at the top of the…

Error 3259 In The Entourage Troubleshooter

February 20, 2022 By Brian Moses Off

Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have informed us that they have encountered error 3259 in Entourage. The “Operating System Not Found” error might be a temporary error that a reboot will fix. Disconnect unnecessary flash drives, remove the disk if there…

How Can I Fix The Touch Input Device?

January 26, 2022 By Lucas Nibbi Off

Today’s blog entry is written to help you when you get a touch input device error. Launch task manager.On the Processes tab, locate the CSRSS.exe process or client server runtime subsystem.Right-click the file type and select Delete.If Windows prompts you with a warning package, the…