I Have An Error Issue Where The Encrypted Personal Data Is Not Set Correctly

September 28, 2021 By John Anthony Off


You may see an error message indicating that the Encrypted Private error is not set correctly. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we’ll discuss them shortly.

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    I was presented with a similar gift. I was able to solve the game using the instructions here:

      / media / (mypartition) /home/.ecryptfs/ (folder name) 
      sudo ecryptfs-recovery-private .Private / 
      entered sudo ecryptfs-recovery-private (mypartition) 

    error encrypted private is not set properly

    I received a SUCCESS notification in addition to my passphrase. Unfortunately I was still unable to check /tmp/ecryptfs.(randomcharacters)

    It took me two days to finally find a solution that unfortunately worked.

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    Ecryptfs 1:08 – “Encrypted Hidden Directory Installed Incorrectly

    Orders with liveusb
    Result versus Liveusb orders

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    Ì updated from Vers lm17 LM19. Several years ago I created a separate but password protected home partition in Ubuntu. I have developed a passphrase.

    Since I was unable to read the password-protected / home after reinstallation (the files were safe there), I just tried the following README.txt for secure / home at the beginning of the liveUSB installation. I am logged in

    Update 05/04/2019 I – I followed one of the hacks on the net to use ecryptfs-recovery-private with liveUSB. I can see encrypted mp3s in / home / username, but not a single letter. Here’s a snapshot:

    Here are the methods that came up when trying to decrypt liveUSB (which apparently required success):

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    Re: Ecryptfs – “Encrypted Private Directory Is Not Properly Regulated”

    Thanks, Katzenviazeeh I followed the instructions on the link you mentioned before I started posting. I was able to get the main liveUSB / home folder using the

    command. Encrypt

    I then followed the prompts and answered the queries with the recommended defaults [aes, 16 byte key, plaintext Passrough = n, Aid Filename Encryption = no NOTE – I also found that yes with this set in a separate attempt, etc. ]. At the end he said:
    WARNING: From the contents of] /root/.ecryptfs/sig-cache.txt] it looks like you’ve never mounted because of this key. This could mean that you entered your preferred password incorrectly.

    Of course, I tried again in conjunction with [passphrase worked when uploading files before upgrading to LM19]. THEN they ask me: “Do you want to continue with the new version?” = Yes. Result: »The new signature was successfully attached to the user’s signature cache. The attached file eCryptfs.

    Then I switched to [ecryptfs-mount-private / home / myusername]. Answer: The specific encrypted directory is not installed correctly.

    Then I execute [sudo ecryptfs-recovery-private]. Answer: List of recorded files with namesand starting with
    . end”/ run / user / 999 / gvfs’: Authorization denied.

    1. ecryptfs-recovery-private – finds and mounts almost all encrypted private directories

      Use them to mount your old encrypted home and secure copy / rescue them at some point.

    2. ecryptfs-migrate-home – migrates the user’s home page in the directory to the encrypted configuration and to your personal configuration

      On the page man contains the following warning:

        WARNING. Make a full backup of unencrypted data onanother system or foreign media. This scenario is dangerous and thereforein case of error, this may result in data loss or USER logoutSystem! 

    So I would definitely make ecryptfs-recovery-private and make copies first if the data is of type value.

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  • BUT you must definitely have your old login passphrase to decrypt your old encrypted vault on the go (unless you already have a backup of your current eCryptfs passphrase in roundbrackets). From what you said, I forgot my personal password, you might be in luck if you can’t guess / remember your new old password.

    Recovering the files you just backed up would be much easier if you had a backup (everyone really should have backups of important data, all disks will be lost at some point, but forget passphrases are relatively easy).

    error encrypted private is not set properly

    Note: your actual encrypted information and private passphrase must be stored in each visitor’s encrypted home in /home/.ecryptfs . Actual home file example (for / home / [username] again contains only links to actual folders and help files. Specially encrypted:

    • Seriously, your files should be in /home/.ecryptfs/ouvernusername] /. Private
    • Wrapped-Passphrase , etc. The rest of the configuration files should look like /home/.ecryptfs/ouvernUsername Zak / .ecryptfs



    Download this software and fix your PC in minutes.




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