Broken Pipe Solution

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    Over the past week, some of our readers have encountered a broken channel error code. This problem can arise for several reasons. We’ll cover them below.



    • is mostly written about joining when the nature of the other end has already sealed it;
    • less often – a partner who closes the report without reading all the data that is already awaiting processing at the end.

    In both cases, you have a new protocol that is poorly defined or applied by the application.

    There is a third reason that I will not document, but here I know that the partner has the conscious hobby of resetting the connection rather than closing the connection properly.

    decided on February 22, 10 at 9:13 am


    In our case, we noticed this when we ran a load test on our application site. OkIt turned out that our team needed to add extra RAM to our JVM because it runs out. This solved most of the problems.

    Try increasing the amount of memory available on the JVM, or monitor the overall memory usage in case of errors.


    answered Aug 15, 2012 at 1:30 pm Moscow time.

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    SocketException: Broken Pipe, causes only the “other end” (client and server) to close the connection while your code reads or writes everything to the connection.

    This is a very common exception when usingManaging client-server applications that receive traffic from owners or servers outside of the application for removal. For example, the client is definitely a browser. If the browser makes an Ajax call and / or the PC operator just closes the page or the Internet, it may terminate all addresses unexpectedly. Basically, you can see this error every time the user closes their application and did not plan to do so.

    If you know how this exception works in your application, you may need to check the correct code in which the I / O (I / O) code is being executed and terminate it with a hard try / catch block to catch this exception input-output. It is then up to you how you want to overcome this semi-valid situation.

    In your case, you often have the earliest control over the call, which helps you with HttpMethodDirector.executeWithRetry – so make sure the call is draped with a try / catch block to have more control over it. you analyze it, it fits.

    I highly recommend logging specific SocketException errors-Broken Pipe at different levels like Debug / Trace. Otherwise, it can be used as a form of Denial of Service (DOS) attack and to populate logs. Try to harden and negatively test your application to eliminate this common scenario.

    answered Feb 12 18:02

    error broken pipe


    All open channels and connections must be properly disabled so that this tool does not generate an error the next time you test using the urlConnection object. For example, the following code fixed the error for me.

      OutputStream outdoor = new BufferedOutputStream (urlConnection.getOutputStream ());BufferedWriter bw = BufferedWriter (new new OutputStreamWriter (output));bw.write ("Some text");bw.close ();out.close (); 
      OutputStream os equals urlConnection.getOutputStream ();OutputStream out = new BufferedOutputStream (OS);BufferedWriter bw is equal to new BufferedWriter (new OutputStreamWriter (out));bw.write ("Some text");bw.close ();out.close ();os.close (); // It is necessary. 

    received a response on September 14, 12 at 9:01 am

    I undoubtedly had the same problem while developing a simple Java application that spies on a specific TCP the most. I usually had no problems, but every time I run a stress test I see the connection drops with a Socket write exception error.

    After researching, I found a solution that solves this little problem. I know this question may be quite old, but I prefer to share my solution, someone might find it useful.

    The problem was creating the ServerSocket. I read in the Javadoc that there is a default limit of 150 waiting sockets. If you try to disconnect another connection, it will be lost. Consist solution, in turn, has this config The default setting is at the server level. In the following case, I am developing a socket server that listens carefully on TCP port 10_000 and accepts pending Sloth 200 sockets.

      new stream (() ->      test (ServerSocket serverSocket = ServerSocket (10_000, progressive 200)) ("Server starts listening on TCP port", port);        during (true)          test            ClientHandler clienthandler = clientHandlerProvider.getObject (serverSocket.accept (), this);            executeor.execute (clientHandler :: start);           capture (exception e)            logger.error (e.g. getmessage ());                        catch (IOException) .start (); 




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    If Process Commander responds to a good browser request, dashed lines appear, but the user blocks the browser when submitting the results data. Broken pipe exception and reports this error in the entry.

    First, make sure the server is running using Telnet on the transport node where the server is running.Check every time you restart the server.Obviously check if the server has gone to a different host.write down the error.Report the problem to the server team.

    SocketException: Connection reset. This SocketException is thrown on the server side if some clients close the socket connection before a response can be returned. For example, quitting smoking in the browser before it needs to be restored. Resetting the connection simply means who the TCP-RST was received from.




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