Mt4 Orderclose Error 138? Repair Immediately

September 28, 2021 By Mohammed Butcher Off


You may have encountered an error code indicating the error closing the mt4 command 138. Well, there are several ways to fix this, so let’s take a look at this now.

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    What Is MT4 Error 138?

    mt4 orderclose error 138

    OrderSend 138 (or ERR_REQUOTE ) error can occur during execution (but not during backtesting) by professional MetaTrader advisors. This error only occurs in MT4 as MetaTrader 5 mainly uses a different OrderSend error code system. Error 138 means that the broker responded to the call of your advisor OrderSend () with a “requote” signal. In other words, the price used in the order is out of date compared to the current market offer price.

    In addition, error 138 can result from the OrderClose () call if it is executed with an incorrect or outdated price.

    Why Does MT4 Error 138 Appear?

    1. The order price is completely out of date and does not appear in recent offers. If the order is not deleted (and error 138 is generated), especially if the current market price is less than the specified slippage from the order price.
    2. The order is the price available at the latest prices, but differs from the current market price by more than the specified sliding parameter.

    How To Fix OrderSend 138 MT4 Error?

    What If your Expert Advisors did not receive the OrderSend 138 error, you must use the RefreshRates () function of the mobile phone immediately before calling OrderSend () and before using it in the auction to calculate the reflection parameter for the OrderSend () function. Will this save your needs from the first of the above cases? However, if the broker has a problem with the business, it won’t help and all mistakes can still happen – in which case there is still little you can do.

    Here is an MQL4 example related to how this is handled in the Chart Pattern Helper EA code:

    In addition, your organization must specify an offset of OrderSend () large enough in the parameter function to prevent error 138 from occurring under high volatility conditions. Even if you ever get RefreshRates . use the () function, of course there is a possibility that prices will carry over between the call to RefreshRates () and the execution of OrderSend () . Setting the allowable slippage to 5-10 points (normal people, no fractions) allows your experienced consumer We can fulfill orders without revaluation errors. Of course, if you are scalping or worried about small profit targets, you create a much smaller slip parameter and get error 138 and failed orders. Alternatively, you can change the respective Forex broker to a broker with less slippage and fewer new quotes.

    How To Fix OrderClose 138 Error In MT4?

    OrderClose () is usually much easier – all you have to do is make sure you can close buy orders with the bid you already have is, and that the current Ask price is used in sell orders. When MQL4 detects error 138, consisting of OrderClose () , make sure you send our own correct variable for the price tag parameter.

    Here’s an example of a properly configured OrderClose () call to complete a trade from our EA News Trader:

    If you have any dreams, comments or questions about MT4 OrderSend Error 138 and how to fix it, you can discuss it with other traders and MQL4 developers atyour forum.

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  •  // current market prices.Update frequency ();// Calculate the volume placed at the current auction. =newvolume GetPositionSize (Bid, LowerSL);// Send a sell order at the current offer price.LowerTicket = OrderSend (Symbol (), OP_SELL, Bid, newvolume, Slippage, LowerSL, LowerTP, "ChartPatternHelper", Magic); 

    mt4 orderclose error 138

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