An Easy Way To Fix Exchange Timeout Errors In Snapmanager

August 17, 2021 By Lucas Nibbi Off


In some cases, your system may generate an error code indicating the Snapmanager for Exchange Lag error. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    SnapManager uses datasets to remotely back up persistent local data to the primary storage company. You must plan your backup missions so that the transfer of backups to the actual secondary SnapVault storage is not affected.

    Make sure you meet the compliance requirements before SnapManager starts creating remote backups:

    1. A data record is available.
    2. Local archiving of backups with snapvault option is usually enabled.
    3. The security status of the dataset is Protected and the compliance status is Compliant.

      If the configuration contains non-Exchange LUNs, our own qtree containing a non-Exchange database cannot be updated during registration. This often changes the protection state of the dataset Lag to Warning or Delay Error.

    Scheduling SnapVault In-Transfer Backups

    Backups should be scheduled so that they are not deleted until the SnapVault credit transfer completes on Tueoriginal storage.

    You configure the backup operation so that only two backups can be stored in the main vault. Schedule backups at 2:00 pm, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm and therefore 3:00 pm. Backups are backed up three hours before SnapVault is transferred to secondary storage. If the backup operation is performed at 3:00 PM, the emergency operation will still be broadcast at 12:00 PM. Likewise, SnapManager will delete the backup at 13:00, but the Protection Manager job will fail if you cannot find the backup that was uploaded at 13:00 remotely. This can be avoided by using the number of days to store local backups instead of the number of copies copied to store local backups.

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  • We use SnapManager for Exchange and NetApp Single Mailbox Recovery to protect our Exchange 2010 environment.

    We found that his will was not backed up due to an evidentiary error. Backups are always silent, and the error usually occurs 2-3 times in a row, and after that does not occur for a goodmonths.

    NetApp has a knowledge base article on this subject (requires login) that asks you and your family to check if a phrase is associated with the correct Exchange DLL and EXE directories on all of our Exchange servers. SME is used in the same version. …

    Yes, there is a company, and in our case personally, I only have one machine in terms of SMB, so the versions on our other Exchange servers don’t matter (I thought).

     [02: 47: 01.595] ErrCheckLogs: error -1811[02:47:01 error. 595] The process ended with error -1811 ChecUnknown, after 0.0 seconds.[02: 47: 01.595] WARNING: Database / log consistency check was returned with error mode 0xFFFFF8ED.[02: 47: 01.611] Error code: 0xc004146fFirewood transaction check failed.[02: 47: 01.611] Error code: 0xc004146fFailed to check the transaction log.[02: 47: 01.611] Error code: 0xc004146fFailed to check the transaction log.[02: 47: 01.611] Update the SnapInfo file in C:  Exchange  Logs  lun_Exchange_Logs_AE  sme_snapinfo  EXCH__MYSERVER  SG__AE  08-31-2015_22.00.12__Daily  SnapInfo__08-31-2015_22.00.12.sme using LogConsistentCheck[02: 47: 02.126] Failed to check. Code: confused 0xc004146f, LUN: C:  Exchange  Databases  lun_Exchange_AE r[02: 47: 02.126] Matchauto-maintenance is sent to the entire storage LUN [C:  Exchange  Databases  lun_Exchange_AE ] on failure.[02: 47: 02.126] *** AE LOG OVERVIEW[02:47:02 status: .126] Failed to check the physical integrity of the transaction logs.[02: 47: 02.126] *** CHECK LOG: good public file (MYSERVER)[02:47:02. 126] ​​Start by checking the logs in the SnapInfo directory positively ... 

    I opened the file with Netapp, obviously they have a bug for this problem that your whole family can’t find here: Type = Detail & Display = 132153

    1. Disable registration of golf rounds (in our case it is enabled)
    2. There are log files for incorrect build numbers, and you might be able to fix the problem by running SnapManager to back up Exchange without any evidence that could check the transaction logs and truncate the validation-enabled job again.

    snapmanager for exchange lag error

    After I finally found the Exchange round robin logging setup, it turned out that I only enabled it for our 5 mail stores. Then I went through all the error logs we created, and the only bases are yes There are two databases that have ever thrown authentication failures that have been configured for circular logging.

    I’ve disabled circular logging for these two mailboxes, and we’ll also see if that solves the jurisdiction issue.



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