Backup Exec 2010 Complete System Recovery Solution

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Some of our users recently experienced an Exec 2010 Full System Restore failure. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look below.

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    Last Published: 06.04.2015

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    • The Windows operating system approach is corrupted and cannot be recovered with the rescue disks.
    • A new fatal error has occurred on the hard disk of each Windows operating system that requires reformatting the hard disk.
    • It is necessary to replace the hard drive on which the operating system supports Windows.
    • Manual disaster recovery of the Community Backup Exec server on a specific Windows machine
    • manual disaster recovery between a remote Backup Exec server or a remote agent on a Windows computer


    Manual Disaster Recovery Of A Nearby Backup Exec Server On Your Simple Windows Computer

    This procedure restores a private operating system up to one iteration prior to the crash. It also recovers data formats other than those Which are protected by the Backup Exec Agent, as is currently the case with Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server. If Backup Exec agents are protecting your data, read the section in the Backup Exec Administrator’s Guide to recover your employee-protected data before starting disaster recovery. Agent-protected data must be recovered after recovery is complete. This workaround involves an authoritative, unauthorized restore from Active Directory for the blog controller.

    Use a separate disaster recovery procedure from tidak otomatis on a remote Windows machine. See How to manually disaster recovery of a remote server or Backup Exec agent on a Windows computer.

    These steps are for disaster recovery only, as described in the guide. If Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) is enabled on these computers, consider using SDR for disaster recovery.

    The following items are for manual disaster recovery combined with local. necessary


    • Full backup of the PC power supply for recovery and all subsequent incremental and differential backups.
    • Windows installation media.
    • Installation media for Exec backup.
    • For Backup Exec 15 and later, you need the encryption registration key that was used to protect the Backup Exec database. It is advisable to have the exported key in a completely safe place. You need to get this box from this location in order to complete part of the recovery process.
    • A storage device such as a tape drive, car, disk storage device, or robotic library must be connected to the computer you want to collect.
    • DSRM credentials are required when reading an authoritative restore on the website controller.

    Note. If you are recovering a Windows computer with BitLocker enabled, BitLocker must be re-enabled after recovery.

    backup exec 2010 full system restore

    Always upload a file with an administrator account or an logical in Windows, especially during the process.

    How to manually recover from a local Backup Exec server failure on a Windows computer

    1. Install the original version, most commonly associated with Windows. Same service pack, but fixes must be applied after Windows is installed.

    If you can recover from a complete, irreversible disk failure, use Windows Setup to partition and format the new installation CD or DVD during installation. This Windows installation should typically provide Backup Exec to the target to recover the system to. The computer phone, Windows directory, and application file (such as NTFS) must match those used in the previous Windows installation. This basic installation will be overwritten from the saved version, which will restore the correct system configuration, application settings, and security settings.

    If the system was a different domain controller in a specific site or workgroup, do not join before By name or type of working group. Use the Advanced … option in the Change Computer Name dialog box to manually add a computer manufacturer-specific domain suffix based on the original site name or workgroup suffix of the computer.

    backup exec 2010 full system restore

    Change the new system name types to match the first system name simply by doing the following in the order shown:

    Note. If the domain or workgroup has always been joined, you will need to restore the trust of the domain or workgroup on the Internet after the restore and restart is complete.

    • Â In System Properties, on the Computer tab, click Name, then click Change.
    • In the Change Computer Name / Domain dialog box, click Advanced.
    • If necessary, select Change Primary DNS Suffix When Domain Membership Changes, then click OK.
    • Reboot the

    • system.
    • start = “2”>

    • Install Backup Exec in a directory different from the one it was originally installed in (temporary installation). During thisFor this procedure, always log on to Windows with the primary administrator or equivalent.
    • Note. After the solution is complete, you can uninstall this Backup Exec installation.

      1. Start Backup Exec, then add the required storage device that was created by selecting the Storage tab and then configuring the storage.

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    • This storage solution is a tape with a set of backups or a path to the drive that contains the backup files for your hard drive storage program.

      Note. If you are using the Disk Garage Area to restore your local Backup Exec server, do not include the classic disk drive. If you really cannot avoid restoring it, you need to make sure that the empty disk drive used for recovery does not conflict with the original disk space.

      1. Under Storage Costs, click Inventory and Catalog to take an inventory of the inventory and catalog media that contains the latest complete incremEntity and differential backups of the computer you want to recover.
      2. Â Often click the Backup & Restore tab, then click Restore.
      3. Do one of the following:

      If the recovery method Full online recovery of all computers or system reconnection available

      While the command is displayed in the list, do the following: