Fixed Error Event 115 W3svc.

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If you are getting error 115 due to a w3svc error event, this user guide is here to help.

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    • 3 minutes to read.

    This article will help you troubleshoot our own error (Event ID 115) that occurs even though Microsoft Internet Information (IIS) definitely cannot bind to the specified connection or IP address. in the settings added by the program or service. …

    Original product version: Internet Information Services
    Original number in the knowledge base: 284984


    Error message when trying to connect to a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) website using Internet Explorer:

    This blog site cannot be displayed

    Event type: error
    Event Source: W3SVC
    Event IDoia: 115
    Description: The service failed to bind sample 1. The data is incorrect, I would say the code.
    Date: 0000: 34 00 00 50 4 …

    Workaround 1

    • IP address assigned simply because
    • TCP port 80 affected
    • SSL as port sent as 443
    • host header

    • Destination IP
    • TCP port 80 cable
    • SSL port assigned as 443
    • Host header from www.different.Host com

    For multiple IIS websites, the websites must use different IP addresses, different port numbers, or different host headers. In this example, the configuration appears to be correct because the host header is different on each site. However, the header host cannot be found for SSL purposes. This means that the SSL portion of the website has the same settings. When this web service is initialized, it can fully launch the first website. When it tries to start site 10, it might run part of port 40 but not part of city 443, which causes an event 115 identification error. To resolve your specific problem, assign a different IP address to the site. ‘One of the websites. DoingIs it unique to the two most important aspects of TCP and SSL?

    w3svc error event 115

    Starting with IIS, a new Server Name Indication (SNI) feature was introduced to address these management issues.

    Method 2

    • IP address assigned as unassigned
    • TCP port assigned as 80
    • SSL port assigned as header 443
    • The host has been deregistered because we cannot use it, it consists of SSL.
    • IP address
    • TCP port assigned as 80
    • SSL port assigned based on 443
    • The host header is empty because we cannot currently use it with SSL.

    This example uses unique settings for SSL and TCP because website 1 is not associated with a specific address and website 10 is associated with a specific IP address in the marketplace. If you use SSL when you initialize the SSL portion for Site 1, it will apply to all IP addresses on the Vent 443, resulting in an event ID of one hundred and fifteen on instance 10.

    Starting with IIS 8, most of the new features in SNI solve this problem.

    Tool 3

    If you are assigned certainth IP address at the end of each SSL website, but you are still collecting Event ID 115, there are definitely some additional settings on the absolute website that prevent the SSL portions of your websites from looking unique. To view these settings, go to the properties of each web page and select “Advanced” on each tab of the website. You will see a desktop called Multiple SSL Identitys for Website. If the website is only assigned one IP email address, make sure there is only one SSL identity.

    Starting with IIS 8, the new SNI element is intended to address this issue. 4


    The workaround fails, another service or service is probably bound to port 443 for you. In this case, all websites that your (instances) use SSL can be registered with Event ID 115.

    1. At the command prompt, enter , pause iisadmi and press Enter to stop the IISADMIN service.


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    You can do without other Internet Information Services (IIS). etstat

  • Enter -a and press ENTER. (If our output is too long, you need to effectively redirect the output as you are | on top of >, probably using output.txt )

  • Find or another destination IP address at: 443 in most local addresses. For example a column. matches what is bound to multiple IP addresses on port 443 and After stopping the IIS Administration Service (IISADMIN), when you actually see , something other than IIS is connected and listening to location 443. Plug-in programs stop 443 until until your websites are up and running.

  • Upgrading to IIS 7.0 from Windows to Server 2008 greatly improves the security of your web infrastructure.

    The instance in the error description returns a new number to the website. Websites are numbered progressively as they are added to IIS. This error indicates that there are problems by default (or website number 1). In this example, Event ID 115 indicates the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) portion of the default website that cannot be started. IdentEvent id: 113 refers to links in location 80



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