Cygwin GTK Warning Cannot Open Screen? Repair Immediately

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    You may receive an error that says cygwin gtk-warning cannot open the screen. It turns out there are several ways to fix this problem, and we’ll get to that soon.




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    I am using Windows 10 on my Surface Pro. I installed Cygwin and also included some useful Nedit packages (gvim, emacs, vim, g ++). However, when I run gvim, I get the “Unable to unlock screen” message. The same thing happens when I am suffering from nedit. When I did $ DISPLAY with echo, I was not displaying anything, so I set each of our DISPLAYs to: 0.0. I still cannot “open the ad”. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Cygwin but I have the same problem…

    Requested on 6 September 2015, possibly 5:08 pm.


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    Unix GUI programs are viewed through the X server. Cygwin is not automatically an X server natively. You need to replace the xorg-server and xinit packages and run startxwin accordingly.

    answered Sep 8 ’15 at 23:53

    Since X-System 1.17, the server does not listen for TCP / IP connections by default, but only opens local connections on the Unix arena socket.For local clients use DISPLAY =: 0.0 instead of DISPLAY = localhost: 0.0 , DISPLAY = 0.0 , DISPLAY =: : 1: 0,0 etc.

    If that doesn’t work (on a remote connection): use someone else’s -listen tcp option to restore the previous behavior so that the X server is on a socket, TCP / IP could respond so well, for example

    cygwin gtk-warning cannot open display

      startxwin - -listen tcp 

    Finally, don’t forget to run xhost + again in Cygwin terminal.


    answered Oct 18, 2016 at 11:21 am


      DISPLAY =: 0.0  
      DISPLAY = localhost: 0.0  

    most effectively responded to this September 2016, at 15:02.


    • Open XLaunch, select “Multiple Windows” and set the display number (any).
    • In Cygwin export DISPLAY = [regardless of your display number] .
    • Start your personal program with gvim &

    replies October 10 15 every 14:20

    cygwin gtk-warning cannot open display


    • Install the xorg-server and xinit packages.
    • Run these commands in Cygwin in a nice shell window:


      DISPLAY = localhost: 0.0 xterm

    But for Joe, the standard CygWin console is a nice musical chime. like XTerm, so I keep using it.

    Received April 1 ’17 at 14:32

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    Try running xhost + localhost in terminal and then run the request again. This allows all users on your system (ie Root) to open public windows on your screen. Make sure to – use localhost rather than, for example, as it is safer to assign connections from localhost only than from anywhere.

    Allow clients to connect from any host with xhost +. connect toActivate X11 forwarding.Open source applications with a graphical user interface, in the catSome experts claim host rights.

    Make sure someone has installed the openssh package.Start Cygwin / X.Make sure the DISPLAY environment variable is correct. (Run ssh instruction to connect to remote computer:Enter your password when prompted by ssh.Your SSH session should now issue a shell prompt for the entire remote computer.




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