You Need To Get Rid Of The Problems With The Visual Studio Subsystem Option

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    In this blog post, we will learn about some of the potential causes that can cause the Visual Studio Subsystem option to fire, and then provide possible recovery methods that you can try to resolve the issue. The / SUBSYSTEM parameter specifies the environment of the executable file. The choice of subsystem affects the locator point symbol (or input line function) that the linker chooses. The default minimum and standard major and optional minor version numbers for each subsystem are as follows. How to set this linker option in Visual Studio development environment



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      / SUBSYSTEM: CONSOLE            [, Major Minor]] 


    An application that runs in the Windows startup environment. Additional downloads can be found in the Applications section, About BCD .

    Win32 application in drawing mode. The operating system provides a console for console applications. When main or wmain are defined with machine codem, int main (array ^) is strictly defined for managed code. or maybe you build the whole application using / clr: safe , CONSOLE is the new standard.

    Expandable firmware interface subsystems. See the EFI Specification for more information. You can find examples on Intel Web Service. The minimum version and the standard version became version 1.0.

    Kernel-mode driver for Windows NT. This setting is usually for Windows system components. If / DRIVER: WDM is just specified, NATIVE is used by default.

    The application does not require a console, which is convenient because it creates its own user interaction windows. If WinMain or wWinMain is set according to code, native or WinMain (HISTANCE *, HINSTANCE *, char *, int) wWinMain (HINSTANCE *, HINSTANCE *, wchar_t *, int) can be set for managed code, WINDOWS can be the default.

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  • Major and minor
    (Optional) Specify the minimum version required for the subsystem. Decimal argumnents are numbers from 0 to 65535. The rest of the points can be found in the notes. There is no upper limit for numbers.

    Subsystem selection applies to the entry point symbol (or placement point function) that can be selected using the linker.

    The following are the minimum and optional major and minor standard version numbers for all subsystems.

    Subsystem Minimum Standard
    DOWNLOAD APP 1.0 1.0
    CONSOLE 5.01 (x86) 5.02 (x64) 6.02 (ARM) 6.00 (x86, x64) 6.02 (ARM)
    WINDOWS 5.01 (x86) 5.02 (x64) 6.02 (ARM) 6.00 (x86, x64) 6.02 (ARM)
    INITIAL (with PILOTE: WDM) 1.00 (x86) 1.10 (x64, ARM) 1.00 (x86) 1.10 (x64, ARM)
    SOURCE (no / DRIVER: WDM) 4.00 (x86) 5.02 (x64) 6.02 (ARM) 4.00 (x86) 5.02 (x64) 6.02 (ARM)
    POSIX 1.0 19.90

    To Set This Option For The Linker In The Visual Studio Development Environment

    1. Open the Company Property Pages dialog box. For more information, see CustomizeReading C ++ compiler and provider properties in Visual Studio .

    2. Select Configuration Properties> Reference System> Properties.

    3. visual studio subsystem option

      Modify the Subsystem property.

    To Programmatically Define A Linker

    See Also

    Can anyone tell the difference between these two statements about linker properties in Visual Studio 2008 (please keep it simple, I’m new to the C ++ world), thanks for advace

    Edit: If possible, could you please provide me with two small programs that might have an effect


    Requested September 4, 2011 7:36 AM


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    / SUBSYSTEM: CONSOLE) is for module based applications. If you notice the main function in the code.

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    CONSOLE: Displays the console window. WINDOWS – runs the program without a console window.

    EditedOh, just looking at the other answers. This / SUBSYSTEM note flag does not affect program input control. A program entry is a point specified by the / ENTRY linker option. Typically / SUBSYSTEM: CONSOLE has a “main” point, a record, and / SUBSYSTEM: WINDOWS has an entry point “WinMain”. However, you can, for example, create a graphical WinMain application with an entry point in addition to the console window.

    answered Sep 6 ’11 at 7:39




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    The / SUBSYSTEM parameter specifies the environment of the executable file. The choice of subsystem affects the entry point symbol (or entry item function) that the linker chooses. Below are the minimum and standard optional major and minor version numbers for new subsystems. Remarks. Subsystem.

    There are two important subsystems in Windows. The CONSOLE subsystem (which is almost certainly the default subsystem) creates a console every time youlaunch the application. When an application has a new Windows GUI, it’s not very exciting. To get rid of this key information console, the application needs to practice in the WINDOWS subsystem.

    Visual Studio 2019 Variety 16.1 adds native support for using C ++ with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). WSL allows you to run a great lightweight Linux environment that is directly linked to Windows, including most command line tools, utilities, and additional applications.




    Option Fur Visual Studio Subsystem
    Opzione Sottosistema Visual Studio
    Optie Visuele Studio Subsysteem
    Option De Sous Systeme De Studio Visuel
    비주얼 스튜디오 하위 시스템 옵션
    Opcao De Subsistema Visual Studio
    Opciya Podsistemy Visual Studio
    Opcja Podsystemu Studia Wizualnego
    Opcion De Subsistema De Visual Studio
    Alternativ For Visuell Studio