Tips To Fix DVD Decoder Random Positioning Errors

August 22, 2021 By Justin Fernando Off


This guide is designed to help you when you receive DVD decoder random positioning error code.

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    I am currently having problems with a DVD with a decoder. I have words like “Random positioning error” in addition to “Unrecoverable read error”.

    As far as I know, the hard drives I’m trying to back up are probably not dirty. When it comes to PC, you play my. I know that when a write error occurs on this hard drive, some usually get an “Unrecoverable Read Error”, but these types of hard drives cause problems when you try to play something, but these hard drives have worked fine since then. but they cannot increase his self-confidence.

    I checked again where this forum is hosted and someone thought that if you get a “Random positioning error” message, it means that the hard drive might be damaged, not protection for newbies. But in organizational experience, when a hard drive needs repair, Power in DVD does not play perfectly.

    dvd decrypter random positioning error

    I made a backup hard On the disc on it, I didn’t read any errors in the Power DVD, and when I tried DVD Decrypter, I only interfered with the “Random Position Error”, so I tried FabDVD and kept that type, but when I tried to play the files and things were in full mess.

    When it comes to a large number of hard drives, chances are your drive is really dirty or out of order. Of course, when using DVDFab Decrypter, the audience has difficulties in recovering bad sectors using fictitious sectors. The DVD decryptor will just crash if you tell it to ignore billing errors.

    Just because a record plays well does not mean that it is good. There are also areas that can be problematic, but which are not related to what a person sees when watching a movie. Replace

    try to bring the ribbon cable near you only when it is folded into several pieces and you have a spare cable. Make sure that the jumpers for the master and slave are set correctly and therefore do not select any cables. Try a cleaning disc.

    Hello! I recently organizedoval DVD decryption questions. I keep getting answers like “Random positioning error” or “Unrecoverable read error”. If this happens with newer DVD versions, it might just be newer backup versions.

    Just try running the “RipIt4Me” package (free) to back up those DVDs. You can download it here:

    Thanks for the answers. I have no idea that my drive can get dirty or fail, but I cannot have any major problems with it. I think it looks more like newer versions of burn protection. I live in region 2 and the last record I had problems with was the name Sony.

    I downloaded it this morning and tried to copy it directly to folders on my computer. Just reading the instructions, everything looks more complicated than usual. But I will definitely try.

    @RoK – use 1-click mode. It couldn’t be easier. Just do it right. Read the section of the installation guide.

    This is definitely easier than it sounds, especially with the “1-click mode” (which is not actually a one-clickom mouse, but of course you are not asked to make a choice, you just need to click on the procedure). The paths for other programs are easy to customize by choosing if you don’t have them all in the default locations.

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  • 1. Download and install Fortect
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • I have not attempted to exceed my authority on this forum, but given the sheer number of questions or concerns about problematic hacks and the sheer number of text-based responses, I have compiled this recommended reading. If Mike or the mods think the game needs to be removed, I apologize. Hopefully this will be helpful for other MakeMKVs. Usually power users, if I make a mistake, let me know and I will fix it; I missed the article, let me know and I’ll provide it for you.

    MakeMKV is a fantastic tool for decrypting drives and creating .mkv panels. Even so, it is not uncommon to encounter errors that prevent you from creating an awesome .mkv file. You can meet these people by copying:

    2 of.) Scsi Error – ERROR: L-EC supports WRONG ERROR
    4.) scsi error – ERROR: PLEASE READ MEDIA RESOLD

    Surprisingly, the drive was very successfully decrypted when you saw one of these messages, so the problem is most likely NOT related to decryption. Second, it should be noted that software does not mean that it can be copied just because the disc can be read easily in a standalone drive. Standalone drives ignore problem areas of the disk, while MakeMKV requires almost all of the disk / track information to be created in the .mkv file.

    If you run into any of these problems, here are some guidelines:

    1. Gently wipe the hard drive with a soft cloth. You can also try a mild, non-abrasive soap and water. New discs still have an opaque coating that can prevent tearing, and used / rented discs may have dirt and fingerprints.
    2. Replace the CD. Because thenJust because a CD “looks” perfect does not mean it is perfect. Craftsmanship and challenges will arise that will stop successful cracks. Note that users often have to replace DVDs again; is produced in the form of disks in large quantities. Therefore, if a really large mastering error is found on one disc, it makes sense for experts to say that it can be on several discs in this batch.
    3. Increase the “Number of Attempts”. / faq / article / 7
    4. Try the new disc differently. No two streets are alike, so where one cannot tear each other apart, there will be no problem with the other. Movers and profits fail. If you usually use an external drive, use the model with an external power supply, which will undoubtedly be powered by USB. ( … 049 # p51440).

    This should answer most of the “My disk is down and copying” questions and will hopefully provide a good solution. If that doesn’t work, or if you need more help, follow the tips here: / faq / item / 8. If you know what you need to publishTo fix your own copy error on the forum, please feel free to include the ENTIRE error report in the “conversion screen”; otherwise, it will be difficult for a member of the discussion board to give specific instructions.



    Download this software and fix your PC in minutes.




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