FIX: Matlab Interpolation Error

August 21, 2021 By Gary Lamb Off


You need to read these repair ideas every time you get a MATLAB interpolation error code on your computer.

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    “e” is your difference between the original data, “x”, that is, the interpolated data “y” found at the original discrete points in time.

    This is my first question. Sorry that almost everything went wrong. Am

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  • I intend to compute a measure between the error between my interpolant and the essential function. I was told to use the norm (gn – f2) function.

    I need to create a standardpt shapes (gn – f2) for n, but none of our function standards accept an element handle.

    The points for my interpolation are usually ff, and with F2 each point is evaluated with all the alpha coefficients found. The function of F2, monomialF, takes just one point and evaluates the polynomial using alpha coefficients.

    Evaluation_test_points go through points at F2 and store them in ff.

    Am I evaluating the norm (ff (x) -f2exact (x)) for each reparse point, do they add up and then store in another array that is plotted against n? Or is it possible to protect the function directly with my function and use my glasses?

    x implies space (0,1, n);

    Alpha means alpha (0,1, n, f2exact);

    F2 means @ (x, alpha) monomialF (x, alpha);

    xx = line spacing (-1,2,1000);

    ff = values_test_points (-1,2,1000, F2, alpha);

    next tile

    interpolation error matlab

    plot_fun (xx, f2exact, ff);

    if you find (flag == 0)

    Shapes (3)

    flag is 1;

    tiled layout (3.3);


    next tile

    plot_fun (xx, f2exact, ff);

    title (s);

    Use the answer only for posting an attachment.However, after answering a question, you actually practice giving the correct answer yourself (and then why ask the question?), So there is no need to answer. Just use a comment.

    I am using a script to generate these x and y values ​​from a .txt file. At this point in the script, variables have been assigned to the closed file fid … As I continue programming, I try to interpolate a user-entered value, which the experts call “userx”.

    However, below I am carefully trying to interpolate this to 100. I do not understand what my syntax error is.

    >> interp1 (x, y, 100) Error using interp1 (line 130) Values ​​must be double, but single.











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