Bug Fixes And Fix For Kernel Build 6002

August 26, 2021 By Brian Moses Off


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    Over the past few days, some readers have reported seeing kernel build 6002.



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    The Version Helper API functions are used to allow them to determine the version of a running system. For more information, see Get system version .

    The following table lists a large number of recent operating system version numbers.

    Operational my system Version number
    Windows 10 10.0 *
    Windows Server 2019 10.0 *
    Windows Server 2016 10.0 *
    Windows 8.1 6.3 *
    Windows Server 2012 R2 6.3 *
    Windows 8 6.2
    Windows Server 2012 6.2
    Windows 7 6.1
    Windows Server 2008 R2 6.1
    Windows Server 2008 6.0
    Windows Vista 6.0
    Windows Server 2003 R2 5.2
    Windows Server 2003 5.2
    Windows XP 64-bit 5.2
    Windows XP 5.1
    Windows 2000 5.0

    * For this purpose, applications for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 have recently appeared. Applications that are not related to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 will have the same design as the operating system Windows 8 (6.2). To get your app manifest to build on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, we recommend targeting your app to Windows .

    Determining the current operating system is usually not the best way to determine if a particular operating system flag is present. This is due to the fact that some types of operating systems could add advanced features to the races.a distributed DLL. Instead of using the version API helper functions to determine the platform or version number of a workstation, demonstrate to yourself that the function exists.

    kernel build number 6002

    To determine the best way to test a function, see the documentation for that function. The following list describes some of the common feature detection methods:

    • You should be able to verify that the functions associated with the function are usually present. To check for the existence of its function in the system DLL, call the LoadLibrary function to load a specific DLL. Then call the GetProcAddress intent to determine if the associated function in the DLL is of interest. Use the pointer returned by GetProcAddress to the calling function. Note that even if the function is current, it may be a stub that only returns an error code in the form ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.
    • You can determine the attractiveness of certain functions with this GetSystemMetrics function. For example, you can easily identify multiple screens Monitors by contacting GetSystemMetrics (SM_CMONITORS).
    • There are several versions of these redistributable DLLs that additionally provide common management functionality. For more information on how to determine which system versions your application is using, see Shell and Shared Control Versions .

    Of course, if you need a specific operating system, use it as an unsupported version rather than developing a test for a specific operating system. This way, your ID will actually work with future changes in Windows.

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  • Note that a 32-bit workload can determine if it is being processed within WOW64 by calling the iswow64process function. He can get an additional product by calling the GetNativeSystemInfo function.

    kernel build number 6002

    For more information, see Getting information about Windows 10 and Windows lifecycle facts .

    Microsoft Windows is the name of several families of computer software exploitation strategies developed by Microsoft. In from Growing Interest in Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) Microsoft first made possible an operating environment called Windows as an add-on to MS-DOS in November 1985.

    Common Grenades

    DOS Readability Datasheet = “1”>

    16 Bit

    16 Bit

    16 Bit

    16 Bit

    Name Release Date Latest Version Government Support Codename Operating System Required Architecture Expenses Target Market
    Windows 1.0 November 20, 1985 1.04 (1987-04-08) Not Supported
    (Dec 31, 2001)
    Interface Manager DOS 2.0 Or Higher Offices
    Windows 2.0 1987-09-08 2.03 (1987-12-09) Not Supported
    (Dec 31, 2001)
    DOS 3.0 Or Higher Offices
    Windows 2.1x May 27, 1988 2.11 (13.03.1989) Not Supported
    (Dec 31, 2001)
    DOS 3.0 Or Higher Offices
    Windows 3.0 May 22, 1990 3.0a With
    Multimedia Extensions
    Not Supported
    (Dec 31, 2001)
    DOS 3.1or Sometimes Higher Windows 3.0
    Windows 3.0a
    Windows 3.0a With Multimedia Enhancements
    Windows 3.1x April 6, 1992 3.11 (1993-12-31) Not Supported
    (Dec 31, 2001)

    • 3.1 For Workgroups: Kato
    • 3.11. Snowball (LB)
    • 3.11 For Working Groups: Sparta
    DOS 3.3 Or Higher 16 Bit * Windows 3.1
    Windows For Workgroups 3.1
    Windows 3.11
    Windows For Create Workgroups 3.11
    Windows 3.2 (Simplified Chinese Only)
    * Partially 32-bit Compatible With Win32s

    Windows 9x

    name Release Date RTM version Latest Version Government support Codename MS-DOS type architecture expenses Target version Grain Market
    Windows 95 1995-08-15 950 4.00.950C OSR2.5 (1997-11-26) Not Supported
    (Dec 31, 2001)
    Chicago MS-DOS 7.0, MS-DOS 7.1 (OSR2.x) Monolithic 16/32 bit hybrid Retail, OSR1, OSR2, OSR2.1, OSR2.5 offices
    Windows 98 May 15, 1998 1998 October 4, 1998… Not Supported
    Memphis MS-DOS 7.1 Monolithic 16/32 bit hybrid offices
    Windows 98 SE 2005-05-05 2222 4.10.2222A (25.02.2000) Not Supported
    MS-DOS 7.1 Monolithic 16/32 bit hybrid offices
    Windows Me 06/19/2000 3000 4.90.3000 (2000-09-14) Not Supported
    millennium MS-DOS 8.0 Monolithic 16/32 bit hybrid offices

    Windows NT

    <.> Version

    name Release Date RTM version Latest Version Government support Codename, name Architecture Development Support expenses Operating system type
    Windows NT 3.1 July 27, 1993 3.1 528 528 SP3 (1994-11-10) Not Supported



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    Kernel Build Nummer 6002
    Numero Di Build Del Kernel 6002
    Kernel Buildnummer 6002
    커널 빌드 번호 6002
    Numero De Compilacao Do Kernel 6002
    Numero De Build Du Noyau 6002
    Karnbyggnadsnummer 6002
    Numer Kompilacji Jadra 6002
    Numero De Compilacion Del Kernel 6002
    Nomer Sborki Yadra 6002