Malware Elimination Tips For Global Social Surveys

August 20, 2021 By John Anthony Off


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    SAN DIEGO, Oct 6, 2011 / PRNewswire /. A new Global Social Media Risk Survey, released today, has highlighted a dangerous gap in corporate social security. 63% of more than 4,000 people surveyed in 12 countries believe social media is a major security threat in the department – only 29% say they have the necessary security checks in their homes to mitigate it. More than 45% of respondents report an increase in malware due to the use of social media logs.

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    Today’s research byf Ponemon Institute  © and maintained by Content Security Websense, Provider Inc. The ® (NASDAQ: WBSN ), recognized as the first study to show that all IT and security professionals around the world think about security issues, related to the use of employees on social networks.

    A dynamic cultural network is qualitatively different from the usual static network. This requires some kind of computer security protection that exists in addition to signature systems and fixed network instructions (such as anti-virus firewalls), and because while these are necessary protective measures, they are not enough. And yet, while 73 p. c of respondents believe secure global online gateways are an important way to mitigate social media threats, 29% – more than a small proportion – still don’t.

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  • For example, imagine that a new link is to direct a popular social network and direct users to the website where it is loaded, or via obfuscated JavaScript to access data theft. Organizations need technology safelythat can parse links as they appear, because the link route is new and does not have a clearly recognizable or known payload. New social technologies such as media, cloud technology and mobility require real-time content that analyzes information as it is created and consumed.

    Even with the risks in mind, social media can be a great business opportunity for joint ventures, smaller and more profitable ventures. While companies believe that social media storage has dropped bandwidth, there is a risk that companies that block social media will continue to lag behind.

    4640 IT and security experts surveyed in Brazil, Australia, Canada, Australia and Canada participated in the study. France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, United Kingdom and the main United States with an average of 10 years of trading experience. 54% are older executives, perhaps 42% are from groups with more than 5,000 employees. Results

    • The widespread and effective proliferation of social media should have hurt many organizations. 63% agree that employee engagement on social media puts their organization at risk for protection. In contrast, only 29% say they have the necessary security measures, i.e. secure web gateways, to mitigate or mitigate the risks of social media.

    • The number of malware attacks is on the rise due to the use of social media marketing. Fifty-two percent of companies cited the rise in malware attacks as a direct result of employees’ use of social television, and 27 percent said the number of these attacks had recently increased by more than 1951 percent. The United States, Britain, Brazil, Germany and Singapore have achieved some of the most revolutionary successes.
    • Only one in three respondents favored technologies that are guaranteed to block advanced malware and data theft. Antivirus / antimalware (76%), Endpoint Security (74%), and web gateways (73%) were named very important security measures by respondents. But only giganticsecure web gateways with real-time content analysis and marketing loss prevention can enable advanced adware and data theft attacks, many of which involve social media access.
    • Even though they have a policy on acceptable use of social media in the workplace, over 60% say their companies either don’t apply it at first or have always been unsure. The three most common reasons why they are not applied are: a minimum level of governance and oversight (44%); the number of security issues is higher (43%); and insufficient resources for real monitoring of compliance (41%).
    • Companies assume that computer bandwidth has dropped due to the use of social media. The two main negative issues associated with the increased use of social paper were productivity declines (89 and therefore percent) and decreases in IT bandwidth (77 percent), which also increased costs. Almost half (47%) believe That disclosure of inappropriate content is a negative consequence.
    • 60% of employees use social media for at least 30 minutes per session for personal reasons. The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and therefore Mexico have the highest rates of social media use for non-commercial purposes. Companies in Germany have the highest share of social media use for business purposes. Regional differences are often exacerbated by the higher cost of local bandwidth, which is a priority for this issue on weekdays in all regions of the world.
    • Countries that consider social media to be important for achieving business goals are the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, India and Mexico. Countries where these charities are focusing on social media are Australia, Brazil and Italy.
    • The countries most likely to view social media as a threat to their organizations are Hong Kong, Canada and Mexico. The countries that see social media the least when the threat is imminent are France and Italy. OOrganizations in Germany are very confident in their ability to counter threats from social media.


    “Blocking or completely ignoring social networking business opportunities is simply not an option. Social networks should become a new platform – A form of communication created by. and the mobile cloud innovation that employees bring to the workplace, ”said Tom Clare, Resident Director of Product Marketing at Websense. Antivirus, “while firewalls are pillars. Due to traditional security protections, dynamic classification requires a new pillar of protection. Website Content, Advanced Threat Blocking and Data Theft Protection ”, which examines specific types of content and context. Real-time social networking sites are too fast to rely on outdated background scans and security software update cycles. For this reason, Websense has developed a content protection solution for the most important real TRITON employees that analyzes individual blog posts on these social media sites and thus protects your business from modern Trojans and data theft, as well as from the fatigue of bandwidth protection policies. “

    ” We surveyed thousands of IT security people and most participants agreed that social networking in the workplace is fundamental to meeting business goals, “said Dr. Ponemon, President and CEO company founder Larry, including Ponemon “However, they see social media putting their business at risk, and they currently lack easy-to-implement security controls, risk management policies and guidelines. It is also clear that the use of multimedia tends to increase malware attacks. ”


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