Tips To Fix Minimizing Target In System Tray

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If you see the “Minimize target in system tray” error code on your computer, check out these troubleshooting ideas.

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    To minimize the application in the community status bar, simply click the minimize option in the application window. This, of course, sometimes collapses in the system tray when the application itself does not natively support this feature. To deploy the application, simply click the icon on the taskbar.



    The Windows user interface has experienced many ups and downs over the decades. Some developments are popular, for example, a special start menu. Others likeunsuccessful Windows 8 Metro, largely unpopular user interfaces.

    The task of the panel is to see your window in a minimized form live – hardly a goal that such a person cannot withstand. However, it can get very crowded here. All of your programs, especially those that need to be run regularly, usually do not take up space. Unfortunately, Windows does not provide its own way to minimize the window to another useful area – the warning area. Formerly referred to as the taskbar type.

    Notification Area

    Regular Windows users are always familiar with a small reserved area that contains the Windows display as the “taskbar”. We still say that most of the time, but the correct username for this part of the Windows user interface is actually the “notification area.”

    What’s the name? Not much to be honest, but knowing the official name of someone in the system container will be helpful for any future unpredictable Google searches related to this.

    Use “Collapse Cart” For Min misification Of The Basket

    Minimize To Tray is a new free and open source portable implementation. Since it is a portable device, you install almost nothing. You just run the program too. Why also means it doesn’t start automatically every time you configure Windows. You might want to write a shortcut and pin it to the taskbar or start menu.

    Collapsing the tray is pretty easy. The main steps are as follows:

    • Download Minimize Tray and extract it to an important location of your choice.
    • Run the program from a folder or almost any shortcut you create.
    • Go to the hole where you want to collapse the taskbar.
    • Press Alt + F1 and the minimized window becomes your taskbar.

    To restore the window, you can either use Alt + F2 fully, or right-click your application icon in the taskbar that appears here.

    Using RBtray To Quickly Minimize Almost All Windows On The Taskbar

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  • RBtray is a small openan applet that works as smart as possible. While RBtray is walking, you just need to right click on the minimize button associated with the window. This is in contrast to a normal left click, which minimizes the system tray window. Find

    You will see the icon for each program in the notification area, and you can restore most of the program windows by left-clicking on these items.

    RBtray will not install system wide. Therefore, you need to open the program every time you want to use it. This is a fairly small effort. You can simply activate the program shortcut in the Start menu or on the green taskbar. Alternatively, if you want to get a little fancy, you can set it up as a startup app that automatically launches every hour when Windows starts up. How to use the program without a doubt:

    • Download and unzip RBtray, returning it to the location of your choice. Provider
    • is launched from its folder or means a shortcut.
    • The first time you access RBtray, you will see okbut with some instructions, select OK to change.
    • RBtray is running, but there is no icon or other indication that it is doing something.
    • Right-click virtually any Minimize button to display the Minimize Windshield button in the notification area.
    • You can also hold down the Shift key and right-click the title bar icon of any window for an extreme effect.
    • You can minimize the sports window using the WIN + Alt + Down arrow key combination.
    • To close RBtray, restart it and Will will ask you if you want to end the copying process that has already started.

    Real Windows Minimizer ($ 19.95)

    The previous two tools turned out to be completely free, but if you’d rather spend a little money to tidy up your notification area windows, then Actual Windows Minimizer might be a good choice as well.

    / p>

    There is a trial version of the software that you can try out if you want to know if it’s worth tweaking and using additionalfunctions. The first function of the header compared to the previous binaries is the built-in sorting function that the program should do when it starts. Of course, you can tweak each query to be a bit of a startup effort, but your one-click solution is welcome.

    Another interesting situation with Actual Windows Minimizer is that it adds a button to application windows. This way, your entire family will maintain normal minimum functionality. You also have the option to change the way the normal decrease button works. Typically, you can check some running applications at startup to automatically minimize one of them when you need to open the taskbar.

    Another important feature is usually the monitoring application, the icons of which are always visible here in the notification area. Whenever there is a nice new app that you want to see no matter what, you can put it in “persistent mode” so you can get it quickly with one click.

    KoOnce you become familiar with the many features that Actual Window Minimizer has to offer, the cost will no longer seem so unreasonable. For example, let’s say this company has features that you will actually use.

    Apps With Built-in Minimization Of The Status Bar

    The developers have found that some applications actually do better for the notification element than for the taskbar, I would say. So in such an application it is worth checking if there is an assortment instead that should be cut down on the stand.

    You can even submit a feature request if your favorite host does not have this procedure. Not all applications work well with the utilities mentioned above, which often requires direct developer support.

    Minimalistic Solution

    Hopefully someday Microsoft can add the ability to transfer you to owner when compressing apps as a built-in feature in Windows. It is not uncommon for developers of production systems to take on the functions of third-party applications that they likeI am users.

    minimize aim to system tray

    If you really can’t live without the core functionality of minimizing an app to the notification area, it can be very helpful to tell Microsoft that this might be a feature you want to see directly in Microsoft Windows.



    Download this software and fix your PC in minutes.

    Download and unzip Minimize to Tray to help you anywhere you choose.Run exactly that program from its folder or called by the shortcut you created.Go to any window you want to minimize to go to the board.Press Alt + F1 and this window will also be minimized on this taskbar.

    The taskbar is a section located at one end of the taskbar under Windows 95, 98, and NT. If you minimize the program after saving, it will return to the dedicated taskbar, rather than the entire main part of the taskbar.




    Ziel Auf Taskleiste Minimieren
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    Doel Minimaliseren Naar Systeemvak
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