Help Fix Unhandled C # Directx Errors

August 28, 2021 By Brian Moses Off


This tutorial was written to help you if you receive a “DirectX C # unsupported” error message.

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  • 1. Download and install Fortect
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  • I use C # every 12 months. I know that you can access native code through the C # that Interop / PInvoke offers.I just started learning DirectX realizing that one way to use DirectX for C # is to use something like SharpDX, which is a wrapper written as part of C ++, not C subject; since C # supports interoperability and helps the programmer to access native dll / com objects. How does this support go against DirectX dll / com. I’m very confused

    Requests April 11, 2016 7:35 AM

    Not The Answer You Want? Check Out Other Branded C # C ++ Interop Directx Com-interop Questions And Ask Your Own Question.

    This is incorrect. SharpDX is a pure C # wrapper that uses some of the C ++ / CLI methods behind the scenes.A tool for post-processing IL bytecode in your .NET assemblies. See main post for details. (On the web page “Avoiding the Benefits of C ++ / CLI in C #”). To implement C ++ interface callbacks in C #, you can also do a little research in this article.

    Even without the most important IL calli bytecode instruction, it would be perfectly possible to develop a complete wrapper for COM objects with unmanaged delegates (via Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate ). You can also do this using regular COM interop in C #.

    On the other hand, if it turns out that C ++ objects do not provide a great COM interface (i.e. only purely personal methods), you will need easy access to the C ++ wrapper to handle the export, since gamers lack Objects C ++ (which are no longer standardized if I’m not mistaken)

    Idle April 11, 2016, 12:19


    PInvoke is optionally limited and applies to C-style APIs such as the Windows API.There are very few guys who can be assembled.
    Similar limitations exist in COM for interop.API

    unmanaged directx c#

    DirectX are mostly C ++ versions. You cannot exceed the average C ++ class limits. This is a headache. But C ++ / CLI is a way to go backwards, it helps build a kind of bridge between managed native code and the world.

    unmanaged directx c#

    answered Apr 11, 2016 at just 7:55 am.




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